Shibboleth is a small weight loss and wellness ministry providing tools and support to thousands. We offer the big time tools that large companies offer but charge a fraction of the price. We are a ministry first and foremost and it’s our aim to minister to anyone with a willing and wanting heart. We fall short of meeting our expenses each month without the help of sponsors like you. Please help us do what we do. Your generosity keeps Shibboleth going. Thank you all. If you don’t want to see this message you can choose MAYBE LATER in the box to your right. Thanks for hearing us out. Travis, Sasha and the Team.

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New Shibboleth Members [RSS Feed]

Recently registered members. Give us a short introduction to yourself or just say a hello to your new family members! Let us welcome you with open arms!

(Moderated by AngelaCooper)

24 66 Jan. 8, 2017 17:06:39 by grizzly007

Suggested Forums [RSS Feed]

Give us suggestions for Forum Topics!

(Moderated by Sasha)

5 18 April 25, 2015 20:37:25 by aleah

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Strategies [RSS Feed]

What are your strategies for "survival" when you are out and about? Share your favorite methods and stories here!

1 6 July 27, 2014 01:27:30 by melodyunger

"Void Replacement" Items [RSS Feed]

Find suggestions from your Shibboleth Family to help find that food item to replace that craving you are missing! Come here to find all the reasons to stay on this Planet!

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The 24 Hour Blow It Day [RSS Feed]

Successes and discussion about the "24 Hour Blow It Day" method.

2 8 Sept. 6, 2013 14:08:52 by melmac1230

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Challenges & Wallbreakers [RSS Feed]

Share your experience with challenges and wallbreakers that helped you get your mojo back!

1 1 Nov. 9, 2014 07:37:39 by Trill14n

Quotes & Pictures [RSS Feed]

Share pictures, quotes and anything that motivates you and gives you momentum. Let's help eachother stay focused on our goals!

1 4 Feb. 20, 2015 00:48:08 by lwolf88

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Diabetics [RSS Feed]

This forum is to discuss the benefits this program has had for people that suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetic conditions.

2 4 May 3, 2015 21:09:45 by scash01

Nursing & Pregnancy [RSS Feed]

Discuss the program during nursing and pregnancy.

1 4 Oct. 14, 2014 16:40:55 by tstanley