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WEEKLY CLASS ATTENDANCE ~ You must either attend the weekly live class or watch the weekly recording of the live class without fail.

VISION TRACKER ~ You must complete a VISION BOARD of images that inspire you to move forward towards your goals or cause such great pain that you want to lose weight to get away from the pain. My Vision tracker has images I’m moving towards and images I’m moving away from. Its a very powerful motivator any time Im feeling depleted or want to quit. The VISION BOARD can be in the online Vision Tracker in your journal or it can be a collage on poster board, etc. YOU MUST HAVE ONE. I like the Vision tracker in my online journal because I can look at it and play it anytime I’m at a restaurant and feel tempted.

BLOG ~ Blog a minimum of one time each week that you participate in Relapse to Reloaded.
This blog is about your journey. Blog about the Highs and the Lows. Make sure for every low point you blog about that you blog about the high points twice. It is important to overcome
the low points by refocusing on the high points. Talk yourself into this instead of out of it. Blog as though you are “coaching yourself” to success. Talk about what is good about this, what is bad about this and what is funny about this.

JOURNAL ~ You must journal each and every bite you take. You must journal each and every beverage you drink. Preferably, talk about each entry in terms of what you liked about the items you consumed and about how the food or drink made you feel. You may journal online, in the mobile app, or even on paper. If journaling on paper you must snap a photo of the day’s entry and upload into the photo section of your online journal.

NIGHTSTAND RULE ~ Upon waking you must read through and review your WHY and your written goals. If possible, say out loud. I actually PRAY my WHY and goals aloud when possible. Before going to bed, do this again. This is also a good time to edit or add to your WHY and your list of goals.

WEIGHING ~ You must weigh each WEDNESDAY MORNING and record your weight in your online journal or in the mobile app. You can weigh everyday. I do. However, it isn’t mandatory to weigh daily.

PRAYER ~ Prayers are ALIVE and VIBRATE through the veil and into the spiritual world. There is power in prayer that we cannot comprehend. How did Jesus cast out diet demons? With his command. Why were His commands potent yet His disciples commands had no effect on the diet demons? Because Jesus fasted and prayed. You must set aside time each day to pray over yourself and over your weight loss goals. If you don’t know how to pray, the Holy Spirit will teach you. If you struggle with the words to say while praying get out the Bible and pray a psalm aloud. God already knows what you want and need without you having to express it exactly. Its the state of mind that we get in when we pray in faith that changes things. I pray the Psalms and Proverbs when Im struggling to communicate with My Lord. It doesn’t take long for me to have a prayer on my lips and heart when I start prayer with a psalm or proverb. Your life and lifeline is at stake. Make prayer part of your wellness journey.


Drink 1/2 up to 1 gallon of water each day
You can eat up to 3 meals each day
Once snacks are on the list you may have up to one snack daily
Once freebies are on the list you may have freebies
You may only have one HOLIMEAL each week until otherwise noted.
If you have more than one HOLIMEAL during the week that was not an accident then you must TAP OUT and go back to the beginning and start over. Do not TAP OUT without talking to me first unless you want OUT anyway.
Meals, Snacks, Beverages, and Freebies must come from the meal list provided.
Proper Food combining must be observed.
Meal Replacements on the approved list can be used.
WOW Challenge meal plans can be used and if used exactly should be marked as an INF (Intermittent Fasting) day in your online journal.
Portion Rule for meal combinations ~ Meals should fit under two hands (observe the two hand rule) or eaten from a 6-8” plate or kept under 350 calories per meal. (300 or less for a meal is the sweet spot)
You do not have to eat when I eat or eat what I eat. I will message you what I am eating and the times I eat only to help you optimize your own experience. In other words, do what I do and you'll lose weight healthfully and fast. We suffer with weight loss together and then we reign in wellness together.

March 5, 2018