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Discover a community dedicated to transforming wellness and achieving weight loss goals.
For membership inquiries and more information, please reach out to our overseer, Travis Martin, at travisjack777@gmail.com.



Shibboleth is a weight loss and wellness ministry. We educate members of our community and people all over the world on the simplicity and secrets behind losing weight and keeping it off forever.

Types Of Appointments

Getting Started - FREE | 30 Minutes

It is natural to be confused in the beginning! Let us help you fill in the blanks and get started on the right foot! We will figure out the best way for you to jump in and start melting!

General Q & A - FREE | 30 Minutes

Whether you are just beginning or mid-journey, schedule a call with us any time you need a little push or direction. Don't let your question go unanswered!

Meal Plan Help - FREE | 30 Minutes

Need help putting together a Meal Plan? We'll work together to create one that fits your lifestyle! Please detail if you have any specific dietary needs. (i.e. Vegetarian, Diabetic, Gluten Free, etc)

Journal Review - FREE | 30 Minutes

Not seeing the results you want? Or do you have questions about your combinations? Gather about 1-2 weeks of journals entries and make this appointment! We can help get you to goal as fast as YOU want to!

MAYDAY - FREE | 30 Minutes

Too many "holidays" in a row? It's time to get it together! We can help you get back on track before you completely derail! Our #1 goal is to help you succeed. YOU CAN DO IT! We are here for you!