How the body stores fat 2

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00:01 Opening
01:20 Greetings
02:16 Introduction
03:39 Motivational Speech
06:31 Joe Hite's Success Story
10:15 Realistic Expectations
12:43 Kayla's Testimony
15:07 How Many Calories Are in a Pound of Body Fat? 
17:49 Why Dieting Doesn't Work 
20:43 You are better than this
21:09 Storytelling: The Prodigal Son
24:49 Weight Loss Advice & Tips
26:19 Losing weight is very easy
26:52 Why Weight Loss Slows Down As You Get Closer to Your Goal
29:47 Do Your Best
30:26 Weight Loss: Two Things That You Should Start With
32:20 Relapse is part of recovery
32:38 3 Things to Start Losing Weight Today
35:10 Storytelling: Mindless Eating
38:01 Your subconscious has been doing the eating
39:49 Mindless Eating: How to Fix It
40:20 Closing


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Linda Hobbs
LH86645 Nov. 16, 7:38:29
Thank god for you and this lifestyle!!!