The HOLE principle

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00:01 Opening

00:55 Greetings

04:08 Introduction

06:20 Lifestyle of Self Denial

08:55 The HOLE Principle: Introduction

11:01 Sasha Martin's Success Story

11:43 Share the Video and Win An Extra Month of Subscription

14:48 The HOLE Principle

18:01 Stop Digging

18:35 To Ensure Fat Loss

  • You need to control your blood sugar
  • You need to control your calorie intake

21:51 Motivational Speech

25:14 Your life was out of balance
26:11 Food Addiction
31:00 What is 0 + +2?
32:55 If it's broke, fix it fast
35:37 Scripture Reading: Psalm 44:18
37:33 Portions: Introduction
39:58 Start this Program right
41:08 Portion Control
41:58 Meal Examples: Egg White Omelette + Fibrous Carbs + Fat Free Cheese
44:33 When You Start the Program
46:42 Less is always best
47:33 Approved Grilled Cheese Sandwich
49:45 Motivational Speech
50:10 Can I have 2 Approved Bar?
50:54 Approved Hamburger
52:15 How much To-Die-For Roast can I have?
54:19 Fish in MCT Oil + Potatoes + Green Beans
55:48 When In Weight Loss Mode
57:30 Stop Giving Up
58:57 Planet Shibboleth: We support one another
1:02:02 Weight Loss Advice & Tips
1:02:25 How many Calories I need?
1:03:15 Importance of Portion Control
1:03:59 Learn the Categories
1:04:45 Storytelling
1:05:41 Learn to work on yourself
1:06:14 Weight Loss Tips: Deli Meat
1:10:02 Shibboleth Facebook Group
1:11:02 Next Class Schedule
1:11:20 How many times a week is allowed for snack?
1:11:39 Approved Ice Cream
1:15:57 Acknowledgements
1:16:25 Quick Recap
1:16:49 Closing


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Steven Presley
steven Feb. 1, 7:16:39
thank you for the class brother