Motivation May 1, 2017

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00:00 - Music in the background
00:20 - Opening
00:41 - Greetings
02:29 - Share video to help lose weight
03:21 - Thanking God for Monday
04:33 - First goal hit to 260 Pounds
04:54 - Keep Establishing new goals
05:09 - Journal Information recording of Body Weight and you earn the pink T-shirt
05:25 - TGIM - Thank God its Monday
05:50 - Appreciation for the weight loss
06:32 - Special Guest Invoked by Travis
06:42 - Weight loss coach
07:20 - Tom Cruize is in the weight loss business
09:05 - Sometimes you don't know something is consciously holding you back and you allow it to hold you back. It's our past
11:35 - Hard work is not requesting entry in the members-only group. Hard work is not drinking enough water every day
12:58 - The hardest work you ever do is working on your own self
16:43 - We gotta do some hard work. We gotta change how we think. We gotta change how we behave 
16:51 - Do all the hard work in inside
17:01 - Letting go the past and proceed past failings
17:35 - Mistakes doesn't define you unless you start accepting those mistakes as your identity
19:50 - I have done a lot good to people in my life. Nobody reminds me when I'm talking about the past
22:25 - Use the past to remind you of your past failure
25:20 - Today is the day of salvation
28:00 - If you're planning on doing this week. Focus on talking on yourself into and not out of it
34:34 - We will finish 14-day metabolism boosting period so we all can get some momentum in the summer
36:40 - Eat fish and get the results. Fish is the healthiest food on the chart
38:45 - Most people give up because they are in pain
42:06 - Closing


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