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Chicken Breast and Cucumbers

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00:00 - Opening

00:04 - Kayla Robbins Weight Loss Story

01:12 - Category 1 Chicken Breast

  • Chicken breast(lean protein) cooked in MCT/spray, coconut oil may be a grill

01:55 - She has got chicken breast here and it looks like it's seasoned and any spice any seasoning with zero calories.

02:07 - It fits nicely under the condiment rule

02:14 - Using approved seasoning and spices

2:30 - Kayla portion

  • Fits the one hand rule
  • Proper meal portion

2:40 - Advantage of having Lean Protein

  • Lean protein preserve muscles
  • build metabolism
  • lean protein has very few calories

2:50 - Using MCT oil:

  • MCT oil is a fat
  • It tastes like a fat but it's a heat-stable fat
  • It is good for you and it has almost zero propensity to be stored as fat because it's that medium chain triglyceride

3:12 - Marinated cucumbers

3:28 - Cucumbers:

  • Category 2 Fibrous Carbohydrate
  • Freebie

4:45 - Category 1 + 2 Plate = Exercise on a Plate!

05:00 - Law of Thermodynamics

  • The thermic effect of the meal on this plate will cause the body to tap in the stored energy (fat) to break this meal down.

05:40 - This meal even requires energy to break down

06:04 - Closing


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