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Basic Training March 26, 2018

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00:01 Opening

00:38 Greetings

03:10 Introduction

10:04 About Maintenance

13:08 Weight Loss and Wellness

13:40 The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

16:59 Maintaining Weight Loss: Moving Towards Wellness

20:14 When is Maintenance?

25:35 Never forget how you got here

26:14 You've to engaged in mindful eating

27:19 What is Addiction?

29:40 Never forget the Pain

31:08 You've got to maintain a vision

32:07 My Definition of Depression

32:58 Motivational Speech

34:30 Follow the Shibboleth Components

36:58 Proof that Shibboleth Works

37:48 Expectations are that you should modify or add additional food

43:29 Don't work less hard, work more hard

44:21 Weight Loss Modifications

  • Holiday Strategy 3/7
  • Fruit as approved snack
  • 1/2 cup of carbs in right combination
  • At restaurants, eat in right combinations but loosen up on cooking fat/carb rule

48:54 Lisa and Hubby's Success Story - They've lost 286 lbs

53:00 Food Combination Chart

  • Stay in Blow Torch and Fastest columns to lose body fat fast & healthfully

54:07 Fast Combination in Blue Column

55:09  Maintaining Weight Loss: Preventions

55:16 Class Attendance

56:00 Food Journal

56:41 Weekly Timing Chart

58:27 Set new goals

58:37 Nothing stays the same

59:19 Walking 10,000 Steps & Strength Training

1:00:13 Supplementation

1:00:22 Don't Weigh Daily

1:01:34 What's your line in the sand?

1:03:52 Support (Question and Answer)

1:06:41 How to Get Rid of Loose Skin After Weight Loss

1:10:20 The Truth About Exercise

  • start with nutrition

1:15:17 Closing


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