The Struggle is Real

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00:49 Greetings

01:54 Setting up

02:40 Travis' Breakdown Today

04:04 Inviting people to Share the Video Let's be a catalyst that get someone going and prevents them from committing suicide that causes them to get up and out of depression that helps them get up and out of alcoholism .

04:35 Introduction

05:18 We all have Unique Shibboleth Journey

05:24 Food Addiction Problem- It's Common to Us

06:00 Everyday becomes more Precious

06:14 Happy to Redeem the Time spent with food addiction

06:25 Making excuses that hold us back

06:39 People nowadays are so easily offended: Excuses became Valid Reasons

07:19 What the Bible says about offending someone...

07:35 Real Friends will tell you what you need to hear

07:50 Without God - I'll be making excuses too

08:14 What would happen if I squandered with Food Addiction?

08:21 Be the person that God wants me to be

08:36 I said that to say - The struggle is real

08:59 Why do we struggle?

09:37 We believe in Jesus coming but we struggle in losing weight.

10:26 We strain at the little things

10:34 This is no struggle. The spirit of the Living God will set us FREE

11:13 Where is the spirit Warriors?

12:02 You need a new perspective

12:09 Travis Story: When I got my first glasses.

14:16 The Doctor said I can't see

14:45 Why my mom and the Dr. Popham argued

15:10 Dr. Popham compared my vision to my mom's vision

16:00 My mama broke down in tears

16:24 My mom didn't have a pair of glasses so that I could see.

16:29 Lesson: Having a different perspective

17:16 The Story of Martha and Mary

17:27 Seeing God's Perspective

17:43 Jesus want you to see it out of his eyes

18:07 You only need Jesus to call your name

18:19 Shibboleth: Your tool for losing weight

18:33 Watch: The weight loss struggle is real

18:41 Being Frustrated

19:10 Jesus sending me signals and signs

19:18 Change your perspective!

19:40 How a video touched my life

20:43 We are born in  struggle

21:00 We sometime forget that we are too blessed

21:17 VIDEO: How the boy turned around his struggles

21:44 Hit your knees and say: THIS IS EASY!

22:03 You will reach your GOALS!

22:12 Detach yourself from: Politics, Religion and what people think of you

22:27 Closing


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