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Persist like Patricia Hurtt did and you too will be successful!

00:01 Introduction

00:06 Started Shibboleth since 2015

00:11 Diagnosed with Heart Failure

00:35 Lost 50lbs in 7 months

00:57 Never Quit

01:18 Extreme Difference

01:28 Best Support

01:55 Changing weight can change lives

Shibboleth Supplement Selector Class
Last Class! September 15, 2021
September Welcome Party, Tuesday, September 7, 2022
Will I gain my weight back if I quit Shibboleth?
Why Shibboleth? How we lost weight eating powerful food combinations webinar on demand.
Why Do Specifically Approved Foods Cause Me To Gain Weight?
Why Should I Be Exercising?~ Feb 02 2021
Shibboleth Class June 10, 2020 ~ TO LOOK GOOD NAKED
Shibboleth Phase 1 ~ Personalize your meal plan with Travis
Shibboleth Origins
2-Week Emergency Transformation Class
Shibboleth Weight Loss, Wellness, and Sports Performance Supplements
Wednesday "Why Shibboleth"? and Weigh Day
Void Replacement Class ~ November 16, 2019
Shibboleth 2nd Chance Group Lesson 2 ~ October 28, 2019
Shibboleth Recipe Modification and More
Weekly Timing Chart and Food Library
Gut Be Gone, Butt Be Gone ~ June 27, 2019
Shibboleth Void Replacement June 26, 2019
Shibboleth Void Replacements June 5, 2019
Travis Presents "Why Shibboleth" His Story
Shibboleth Basic Training
Phase 1 Class
It's Saturday, not Fatterday!
Drop 10 lbs in your first week!
Lose up to 10 lbs in your first week!
A simple weight loss plan!
People love options!
Portion Distortion ~ Let God Be Your Portion
Look & feel your best!
Dalton Relapse & Redemption
You gotta want it SOOOO bad!
Relapse & Redemption
Relapse & Redemption Part 2
Weight Loss 101
Let Go to Grow
Weight Loss is Easy!
Two Causes for Continued Weight Gain
What do you believe?
Back to the basics, really?
Hemp Hearts and Flakes
WWW Weight Loss Wired, Willing, Worthy
Excess is the Problem
How the Body Stores Fat
A Precious Commodity That Ensures Weightloss
Weight loss is easy once you learn this stuff.
Weight Loss is a Treasure Hidden in a Field
Thank God it's Tuesday
Real food for real folks.
Let's pluck those weeds from our gardens.
Lunch Time
Weight Loss Takes Grit
Time, Patience and Persistence
Monday Weight Loss Motivation
Do More Than Enough
A healthy life is about sacrifice or is it?
Gain Energy by Riding in the Chariot with Me
Night Time Weight Loss Musings
Killing Time
The Under Tow
Weight Loss is So Easy Once You Know This
What does DIGNITY, OLD SPICE and WEIGHT LOSS have in common?
Roughin It and Returning to Zero
What are you worth?
Stop trying to lose weight. You are good enough.
Yogurt as Pre Workout and or Snack
You can't solve problems with more problems.
Starve the bully.
Donald Duck? Really.
Is your heart frozen? Move closer to the fire.
Don't compare yourself to others. Use them as inspirations and not reasons to become discouraged.
I want to be Mr. Brillo!
Don't be part time be all of the time.
Weigh Day Wednesday
Don't let frustration dictate your future.
Vessels of honor.
Weigh Day Friday!
Beast mode.
I am that I am and that's all that I am.
It's about the high AND the low.
The mirror. The pantry. The fridge.
Which are you? Let's get in our right mind and get this done.
It's amazing what you can get used to
Tools for weight loss
Get through the weekend.....Stay focused on your weight loss goals.
New approved items!
Independence Day! Get your life back.
The world is not coming to an end
It's ok to settle but be careful what you settle for.
Take control. I will help you.
Success came looking for you! You go looking for it now.
Ratatouille DIVINITY
It's so easy I don't understand.
Food allergies. Get allergic. It's good.
Paige Martin Wellness Interview
Paige Martin Facebook Live Interview
Just because it's offered doesn't mean you have to take it.
If it begins right, it ends right.
Abby Howell Dees has lost 91 pounds. Amazing!
Hot Chocolate and Ghee Part 1
Hot Chocolate and Ghee Part 2
Your metabolism is doomed if you don't control this.....
Time heals or kills. Let it heal.
Endure for awhile. Enjoy success forever.
Be a greyhound and not a Pekingese
Rough Weather
The Wanderer
Sausage and Oatmeal
Wanda Henry Interview
I have the short answer for weight problem.
Melanie McKenley and Melissa Paris Interview
Weight loss Here and There
Brenda Sue Burk Interview
Is it time?
What is the end game?
The present. Don't say you'll lose weight one day. One day is NO DAY.
Tell the unclean negative spirits in your mind to BE QUIET.
Beach walk eating to live instead of living to eat.
New Years Resolution or New Years RESURRECTION? I choose RESURRECTION!
You're missing out on a blessing.
Lose your life but don't lose control ~ self control
How big is your butt?
Perception is Reality
Go ahead. Give up!
Motivation is highly overrated
How the body stores fat 2
The #1 weight loss question in January?
Be true to you
Cooking oils and combinations for wellness.
Our mind is a garden
Proper whole food combinations for wellness
Should you eat before bed? Depends.
Don't let stress derail your New Year's Resolutions or should I say your New Year's Resurrection
Extraordinary weight loss eating real food
The Shibboleth Lifestyle. It's beyond powerful.
The HOLE principle
Breakfast and lunch on the go
Rewiring and retooling for wellness
The first meal is a Perfect Meal
Light not darkness.
I need to but I don't want to do it
Camaro or VW
Whole Foods and Combinations
Use the shield and lose weight
Abby Dees has lost 111 pounds and has dropped 60 inches
These ladies have lost more than 400 pounds combined. Hear their words of wisdom!
I Have a New Name. Persistent Persistence. What's Your New Name?
Isn't it time for a new thing?
Tips To Go Along With Phase 1 Weight Loss
Fight or Flight
The Diligent and Determined
Incredible Transformations
The Law of Wellness
Guilt and Weight Loss
Shibboleth Weight Loss
Motivation February 27, 2017
Motivation March 1, 2017
Motivation March 2, 2017 Glory to God
Motivation March 2, 2017
Motivation March 4, 2017
Motivation March 6, 2017
Motivation March 7, 2017
Motivation March 9, 2017
Motivation March 11, 2017
Motivation March 14, 2017 and Q&A
Brooklyn's Challenge
Motivation March 14, 2017
Motivation March 15, 2017
Motivation II March 15, 2017
Brooklyn's Challenge 2
Betsye Rose Erazo Interview
Motivation March 20, 2017
Motivation March 21, 2017
Motivation March 23, 2017
Motivation II March 23, 2017
Motivation March 27, 2017
Motivation March 28, 2017
Inside Before the Outside
Motivation March 31, 2017
Craving More
Motivation April 1, 2017
Let's Choose To Change
Motivation April 4, 2017
Food Categories
Motivation April 11, 2017
Motivation April 13, 2017
Gained 14 pounds in 2 days, what now?
Carb Categories and Weight Loss
Motivation April 20, 2017
Motivation April 21, 2017
Motivation April 22, 2016
Focus On The Good
Motivation April 23, 2017
Life Doesn't Suck
Renewed Focus
Motivation April 28, 2017
Motivation May 1, 2017
Motivation May 2, 2017
It's dreary outside but it doesn't have to be dreary on the inside.
First the vision and goals. The Faith. Then the work. It's worth it. Amazing!
Soar towards your goals. Don't creep towards them.
Be courageous!!! Don't despair.
Don't slip during the dip.
Cindy Walters Lost 180 lbs!
ABBY DEES is down 123 pounds in 10 months!
To Die For Roast, Cauliflower Rice and Slaw
Healthwise Hot Chocolate, Hemp Bar and Peanut Butter Crackers
Pintos, Cabbage and Miracle Rice
Sasha Martin
Monday Motivation
London Broil, Cauliflower, Carrots
Abby Howell Dees, Cindy Hindman Walters, and Sasha Martin have lost well over 300 pounds combined!
I don't care what you know.
Getting the work in and the work is fun!
Getting back on track.
Fish, Broccoli, and Cauliflower
Chicken Breast and Cucumbers
Salmon Patties and Fried Okra
Egg Whites, Category 2 Bread, Grits
Let it go. It should be a novelty by now.
Is that a rumble I hear?
Thank God it is Monday
Tuesday Huddle Up
TGIM Huddle up
Shibboleth Lifestyle Interviews
Thursday! Huddle Up!
Cynthia Marie Iheanacho-Cruz
Delina Long is down 105 pounds!
Kim Obermeyer Shibboleth Testimony
Huddle up! Tired of the naysayers!
Friday September 1, 2017 Huddle Up!
Friday Evening Huddle Up
Shibboleth Journal App
Shibboleth Void Replacements!
Do it our way and get mind blowing results!
Basic Training Workbook LIVE Class
Magnificent Monday
Travis and Cindy Interview
Saturday Motivation
Soup for extreme and healthy weight loss. After a holiday make your comeback.
Self Acceptance
Tuesday Motivation
The Big D
Foolish or Wise?
Waffles and Weight Loss
Tuesday Topics, Know Cookies, Grocery List Feature
Guiding Light!
Dog Fight Challenge Motivation
The Daily Spark ~ Which diet is the best for me and when should I begin?
Live Spark
Wednesday Huddle Up!
Friday Spark Hustle and Heart
Joe Hite's Emotional Journey To Complete Wellness!
Hemp Hearts and Hemp Flakes for Weight Loss and Wellness
Shibboleth Basic Training
Shibboleth Virtual Grocery Tour
Shibboleth Vegan and Vegetarian Lifestyle
Shibboleth Basic Training March 5, 2018
Shibboleth Virtual Grocery Tour
Shibboleth Phase 2 Maintenance Class
Saturday Class
Basic Training March 26, 2018
Shibboleth Weight Loss Meter
Planet Shibboleth Top 25 Weight Loss Foods
Travis Walking for Worship and Weight Loss
Shibboleth Basic Training April 9, 2018
Shibboleth Top 25 Weight Loss Foods And Beyond
Shibboleth Lifestyle, A Beginners Journey.
Group Challenge Announcements
The Shibboleth Journal app is a great companion piece to the online course and program.
Shibboleth Virtual Grocery Tour
Why Shibboleth?
The Struggle is Real
Realistic Exercise Programs
Monday Huddle Up and Spark!
The Daily Spark ~ Why do I gain weight when I eat bread?
Dirty Words
Are you tired? Are you bored? Watch this!
The greatest weight loss coach ever!
Joe Hite continues to inspire and amaze!
Constipation preventing weight loss?
Weight loss is mental, emotional, and bodily work but it’s work that leads to happiness.
Persist and find out what you’re made of.
Cindy Guinn lost more than 100 pounds!
Wanda Henry has lost and kept off 70 pounds!
Persist like Patricia Hurtt did and you too will be successful!
Three beautiful Shibboleth sisters leading the way by example and saving lives!
Eliminate constipation and lose up to 1 pound each day!
This is the way to put creamer in your coffee.
Shibboleth Spark ~ July 9, 2018 ~ Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, Must
Getting Ready For The Week
Survival Kit: What Is In It And What IS Its Importance
August 8, 2018 ~ Shibboleth Vegetarian
Special Membership Drive
Recover and Restore Energy and Vitality While Losing Up To 10 Pounds In One Week
Direct And To The Point
August 30, 2018 ~ Self Discipline and WOW Challenges
Quit Quitting on Yourself!
How fast can you lose weight?
Lifestyle not Diet
Perfect days and holidays. Weight loss magic!
You are allowed holidays on the Shibboleth lifestyle.
Everything you need comes from your local grocery store. Go from 205 to 145 in only 90 days!
Shibboleth approved. Exercise on a plate takes minutes to create a fat burning meal.
Shibboleth! What is taught in the weight loss classes?
Everybody can do this regardless of budget, lifestyle etc. no excuses.
Those are the days that REALLY count!
Focus determines feelings...and actions.
Life is cake.
Beware the enemy within.
Lose lots of weight even on a budget!
You don’t need another diet. You just need to get clear about what result you want and must have.
Me versus me. You versus you.
Decisions = Conditions and Conditions shouldn’t dictate decisions.
Think about chips and cheese dip and your body will look like chips and cheese dip.
Another nice walk/run with the dolphins.
Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties, help fight cancer and have virtually no calories.
Feeling blessed. I’m on the runway.
The Shibboleth mission means the world to us and that means you mean the world to us.
Tuesday Devotions ~ November 20, 2018
Wednesday Motivation ~ November 21, 2018
Black Friday Special
More than 75% OFF
Sunday Motivation ~ November 25, 2018
Monday Motivation ~ November 26, 2018
Wednesday Motivation ~ November 28, 2018



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