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Wednesday Motivation ~ November 21, 2018

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00:33 Opening
00:54 Greetings
02:16 Member Engagement and Giving Thanks
04:00 Member's Achievements
07:35 Let's Prepare Now
07:41 Abraham Lincoln Said...
09:39 Making Daily Decision
12:12 Somebody is doing this as a DIET
13:39 I love my Lifestyle!
14:26 All year I live my lifestyle!
15:41 What happens
17:33 The Lifestyle That I want you to Live in 2019
17:58 The Shibboleth Shield
19:12 It Takes 1 day to pay for a blow it day if you do a WOW Challenge
21:39 The Story of the Pharoah
22:25 What's your WHY?
23:20 Christmas Challenge Announcement
26:17 $50 per year Cyber Monday Deal!
29:59 Bonus Shibboleth Success Map Companion Videos
30:20 Bonus 2019 Expanded Food Library and Challenges
31:35 We Don't Want Your Money
33:04 I want to know you!
33:54 We are a ministry first and foremost
34:34 Me vs. Me 2019
35:49 Email Address of Travis
36:39 Questions and Support
39:37 The Honor System
40:13 The Scripture
41:51 Closing


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