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Polly Jones Journal Check and Intervention

00:18  Start

02:31  Our body works similarly.

05:05  Disclaimer.

07:02  She got serious.

09:00  Her journal.

13:44  Rich crackers are not good for you!

16:24  I am trying to get in a calorie deficient.

22:18  Please keep this thing in mind.

24:50  Next day!

26:52  Great day!

30:54  Approved Breads

34:39  Our mentors can instruct.

38:23  I talk to other instructors.

48:27  You did a great job!

52:33  All three meals are perfect.

55:49  This is a healthy day!

58:28  Double bites and quest chips instead of.

01:00:26  In conclusion.

01:03:19  Suggestion for multivitamin will be.

1:06:26  We are calling these journal reviews.

1:08:20  Challenges.

1:11:15  Go to

1:14:20  Excess fat is full of toxicity.

1:15:21  There is a corplex.

1:17:14  Inflammation comes from the consumption of sugar.

1:19:53  Supplements give you age.

1:22:54  I take one serving of UMP.

1:28:43  Tiger eye and Fastrack welcome party.

1:28:48  End

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Polly Jones Journal Check and Intervention
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