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Deanna Wood Journal Review Jan 27 2021

00:05 Start


01:08 If you want a Journal review as a part of your membership, Please schedule that appointment with one of our Great and Powerful mentors


02:00 I’ll make suggestions for Optimization


04:26 There’s Good, better, best rules


04:38 Question Marks in her Journal


05:12 You’ve got to Journal


05:30 If you’ve ever had a weight problem, it’s a behavioral issue


06:08 You’ve got to monitor your intake


08:05 Jan 9 Journal Review


09:35 Her protein intake


10:12 Jan 10 Journal Review


12:18 Egg Whites and MCT oil is like exercise on a plate


14:15 This was a good day


14:30 My Optimization Suggestions


16:32 Jan 11 Journal Review


17:08 Whole Grain Pasta


18:40 Jan 12 Journal Review


19:40 This is probably a Maintenance Day


21:05 Whole Foods


24:08 Yo-Yo Diet


25:30 Your words and your thoughts should be goodness  gracious


26:20 What we say and what we write is going to direct our actions


27:54 Jan 13 Journal Review


28:26 Jan 14 Journal Review


29:25 Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should


31:15 Jan 15 Journal Review


31:43 Jan 16 Journal Review


34:38 Jan 17 Journal Review


35:35 Jan 18 Journal Review


37:05 Jan 19 ~ Holiday


38:30 After a holiday it takes you 2 days to get back into EFB


38:40 Jan 20 Journal Review


39:00 Jan 21 Journal Review


40:20 Soy Pasta


42:00 MCT Oil


45:28 Jan 22 Journal Review


46:20 This was a good Maintenance day


46:30 Jan 23 Journal Review


46:35 We’re supposed to limit our rice cake calories to 70


48:00 Cheetos


49:00 Only consume food when there’s still light outside


51:00 Jan 24 Journal Review


52:45 Jan 25 Journal Review


53:00 Two Steaks a day


55:28 Jan 26 Journal Review


57:12 Bar Ratings ~ Weight Loss Meter


58:20 Quest Protein Bar


58:46 Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar


59:24 Kirkland Chewy Protein Bar


59:38 Kirkland Signature Protein Bar


1:00:00 Meal Replacement Bars


1:02:00 Double Bites Chips


1:05:51 Atkins Bars


1:06:12 Approved Shakes are better for you than Approved Bars as a meal replacement 


1:07:46 In basic program, we get upto 3 meals a day and one snack & freebies


1:08:55 You’re really actually learning nutrition not a diet


1:09:40 Formula for your shakes


1:15:50 Bio Coffee


1:20:40 End

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Deanna Wood Journal Review Jan 27 2021
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