Live Client Journal Reviews

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Missy Barret Journal Review January 29 2021

00:13  Start

01:01  Missy has lost more than 120 pounds.

03:00  Missy's weekly calendar.

04:30  Perfect food combinations.

05:58  Freebies list.

08:42  I ask everyone to have 3 eating episodes a day.

10:11  Everything matters when it comes to your metabolism.

14:14  Not a  good start for the day.

16:45  Artificial sweetener.

20:28  Good better best scenario.

21:46  Next day.

22:31  Freebies.

27:08  That sweeteners is a great day if her portions are controlled

30:17  Let's not graze.

31:00  Freebies.

32:57  Do you all see her struggle?

36:28  Artificial sweeteners can be a friend for you.

40:41  She is not trying to maintain.

43:37  The best practice is 0.

47:41  On this kind of day you are gaining weight neither losing!

51:07  A good+bad day.

53:50  Avocado has 350 calories.

55:25  Avocado is a great meal.

59:36  It is not 0 calorie it is 5.

1:02:25 I am a picky eater!

1:06:21 Join me at Physic transformation.

1:08:45  15 days of mouth pleasure and lost 2 days.

1:11:47  The product- Restore.

1:14:21  Clinically prooved product.

1:15:37  Organic honey.

1:16:52  Video for 6 steps to powerful why?

1:18:38  Negligible amount of artificial sweeteners.

1:22:55  You can do Restore!

1:25:16  Biotics can destroy immune health.

1:26:48  Prebiotics is food for probiotics.

1:28:02  Sometimes the vegetables are cooked in fats.

1:29:04  The adult stomach.

1:33:51  Vibration plate.

1:35:10  Lock and focus on your goal.

1:35:49  End

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