Shibboleth Warrior Spirit Phys

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Shibboleth Warrior Spirit Physique Transformation Introduction

01:38  Start

04:15  36 Hour Fast

05:00  This is different, this is a comprehensive physique transformation program

07:35  Silver Level Members 

08:07  This is the last phase of Shibboleth because it's everything!

08:40  My Journey

10:48  My Transformation Pictures

12:20  Take a lot of Before Pictures!

13:18  "Pictures change when the scale does not!"

13:26  Shibboleth physique transformation.

14:26  Physique Transformation Competitions for our members

15:15  Protein

15:55  Starting with the 10 day Detox

16:45  14 Day Metabolic Boost

18:48  Body Fat Percentage

19:55  10 Days to Reset & Refocus on Healthy Habits

21:22  It's all customisable, there's no hard rules

22:27  When you start Shibboleth, everybody is in the same boat, We're earning Nutrition

23:30  If you're not going to be willing to put in the work that I'm going to put in, I don't want you in there

25:58  What I'm going to do for 6 months...

26:55  Food List

27:13  10 days detox.

31:00  14 day boost.

32:27  Exercise.

36:38  Nutrition.

38:12  Exercise is going to be a critical component

41:18  Supplementation

42:20  Stretch a Minute device.

45:18  Get your Advocate Supplements from and enter my Sweepstakes!

46:00  24 days Jumpstart

48:13  Send me your electronic receipt 

48:54  Email me at

51:00  Different Grips for Stretch a Minute Device

55:33  You're a beginner, can you do this?

56:12  It's not about how you look at the end, it's about how far you come

57:00  Tiger's Eye Membership

58:12  Fascia Blaster

1:01:02  Stretch Marks ~ Battle Scars

1:02:20  Disclaimer ~ Consult you physician first before starting anything this comprehensive 

1:04:02  Sticking with a healthy lifestyle

1:13:16  Nutrilite Daily Vitamin

1:13:40  Treat this like you're going to do a physique competition

1:16:36  Differences between the 2 MNS systems.

1:19:20  Ordering the 24-Day JumpStart Kit

1:21:45  Forward your electronic receipt to me at to enter my Sweepstakes

1:22:25  MNS Omni and MNS Delta

1:24:50  There's no cost for this program

1:25:30  What are you really doing when you're taking Supplements...

1:28:25  Supplements

1:28:50  AdvoCare Omegaplex

1:29:40  Food List for the Physique Transformation Program

1:31:08  Should you do the Detox or Omega?

1:31:30  I believe in AdvoCare

1:40:12  Difference between Omegaplex and MNS

1:41:54  Stretch a Minute

1:47:20  The program officially starts February 1st

1:52:25  End

Warrior Spirit Transformation and Huddle Up
Shibboleth Warrior Spirit Physical Transformation~ February 24, 2021
Shibboleth Warrior Spirit Physical Transformation Day 11
Stretch A Minute
Shibboleth Warrior Spirit Physique Transformation Introduction



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