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Anna Lewis Journal Review March 16 2021

0:27  Start

0:30  Silver Level member's only group

01:09  Anna Lewis requested to do her Journal review

02:13  My Role

05:28  It's easy when your mind is made up

06:51  You can blame no one but yourself

08:51  I've to get in your chariot with you

10:40  There's more to life than eating

12:38  Anna Lewis's Journal

13:20  Anna's weekly timing chart

15:11  Excess visceral fat and excess fat are the leading cause of all the premature deaths in USA and other modernized countries

17:25  This is a portion control plate

24:07  This is more of a maintenance day

26:52  It's most important to Journal when you have a holiday

31:09  A significant fat loss day

32:09  One of the best Journals I've ever seen

33:59  A healer

36:14  Watch the calories

37:38  Oatmeal pie is a full meal replacement

40:37  Less than 50 calories condiments

43:14  Two Tortillas?

44:09  Question and Answer

45:57  Less is best when we are trying to lose weight

48:51  A different approach

50:26  Exercise never hurts

56:18  Water fluctuation in the human body

56:56  Weighing once per month

1:01:25  OCD about the numbers

1:02:21  Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

1:04:30  My go to energy drink supplements

1:05:15  Meet the team

1:05:37 to sign up

1:08:13  Hemp bar challenge

1:08:44  Fasting or Detox?

1:13:42  End

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