Live Client Journal Reviews

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Linda Tuttle's Journal Review March 31 2021

0:10  Start

02:05  A Journal review for Linda Tuttle

04:24  I get a lot of requests for live Journal reviews

05:56  Why am I so hungry?

07:09  What is Calorie Defict?

08:00  You can't lose a lot of fat unless you are controlling Insulin

10:09  Reverse Engineer

13:12  Setting it up for you

14:23  You are not starving

15:32  Our people are perishing because of too much food

15:58  Idolatry

18:23  It's the Devil's trick

19:14  A profound why

23:34  Fat adapted Metabolism

24:51  Let's take a look at Linda's Journal

26:14  Journaling is a critical component of our program

27:50  Take pictures of your especially in the beginning

29:54  A Recipe for every meal?

30:56  Carbs, sugar, starch, flour with bad fats is a recipe for disaster

32:55  Approved Pizza and approved Cheeseburger

33:55  Whiter the Bread the quicker we're dead

36:56  Combining foods properly

38:51  Our Mentors can help you with the Meal Plan

41:58  So far hadn't seen any reason that she should be hungry

42:52  Water weight and fat weight

44:46  When you are trying to loose weight never have 2 Burgers, 2 Hot dogs and 2 Tortillas

48:12  Keep the portion control bowls in your survival kit

51:02  She needs to be at or under 1200 Calories a day

51:44  Any questions or comments

53:03  What is the formula to figure your calories?

56:07  A Lion Day

57:18  End

Linda Tuttle's Journal Review March 31 2021
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