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Shibby Booty Burning Biscuit Recipe and more!


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Kelli Worley
Nannaworley1 May 10, 15:43:46
I can't eat carb quick. I have allergic reaction to it. Can I use almond flour?

You will not want to use this recipe because the FG flour is not gluten free too. Almond flour is going to taste more like cornbread. You can try it with almond flour, in terms of the combos, but it probably will taste more cornbread like.

Ashley Plummer
Dolphinlover1887 Jan. 2, 15:40:08
i would love to have these. but can't fine the carbquik in my stores. what can i use?

Tammy Cornett
TammyCornett Nov. 7, 13:21:37
The link to the Shibby Biscuit is

Beth Zullo
bzullo Nov. 7, 7:48:33
Loved watching this live and rewatching now. Was the recipe posted? I am taking notes. Thank you!!