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It is at this time of year when things get pretty slow for "weight loss" companies. Not to mention, now more than ever, we are in competition with shots and pills which I think you know if you are here, these are not sustainable! People still have to learn how to eat foods properly together in order to lose weight!

I have had many people ask how they can just add a little something to their cart at checkout and we came up with a bandaid for now! If you would like to add anything extra to your order today, you can do it by adding this "item" to your cart.  We are working on a way to make this easier, but for now, the option is to give a gift in increments of $5.00.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations with the Shibboleth Lifestyle. We want to teach people how easy it can be to improve their quality of life! You can help the program thrive by giving when you can!

Thank you & God Bless You!

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