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High Protein Cappuccino


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The options for Healthwise hot chocolate or Healthwise Cappuccino are as follows:

1) Your best option is to have 1 serving with 1 serving of Bio Coffee,  CocoRinga, or Beverly UMP as a -3 WLM meal

2) You may have up to 3 servings alone as a -3 WLM meal

3) You may have 2 servings as a 0 WLM snack

4) You may have 1 serving as an extra

Product Disclaimer

Serving Size: 1 package

Total Calories per serving: 80

Calories from Fat: 9.0

Total Fat: 1.0

Sodium: 130

Total Carbohydrate: 4.0

Sugars: 2.0

Protein: 15.0


  • Quantity: 7 pkgs per box


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Product Reviews

Average rating: 3

Rating: 3.0 2 years, 5 months ago

I love this cappuccino. I purchased the Amaretto. I was very disappointed to find out when I received it and I had already consumed two packages that it DOES CONTAIN GLUTEN. The Shibboleth store has it listed as Gluten Free. It is not. It has cross contamination with wheat. For a celiac cross contamination is not allowed at all per a endocrinologist dr. For a non celiac it is very good.

It probably used to be gluten free and is not anymore. Thank you for pointing this out to us. I have fixed it in our library and store. :)

We will change this in the food library, and in the store. I am sorry for the error.

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