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Zero Drag Vitamins Plus Pro


**DUE TO SUPPLY SHORTAGES, OUR VITAMINS PLUS & VITAMINS PLUS PRO ARE EXPECTED TO BE UNAVAILABLE UNTIL JUNE 2020.** Please consider switching to Advocare CorePlex during this time. Advocare is the only other line of vitamins and supplements that we have trust and have used for more than 20 years.  You can check out their probiotics, spark, the herbal cleanses, and many other fantastic products.

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We have finally done it. Here is the NEW ZERO DRAG product simply named Vitamins Plus PRO

This product is loaded: It has all of the water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins your body needs. It is loaded with important minerals and more importantly, it has PRO Biotics, Garlic, Green Tea, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Parsley, and Celery in the product. Again, the ZERO DRAG is and will become the BEST for the PRICED Vitamin Supplement on the market today.

So, let nothing drag you back to the past. Choose ZERO DRAG Vitamin Plus PRO to put back in what nature is trying to take out.

Usage: Take 3 Tablets per day

Watch this video for Breakfast Burrito, Proti 15 & Zero Drag 

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Serving Size: 3 tablets

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  • Qty.: 1 bottle = 90 tablets
  • Supplement: Yes
  • Product Points: 2

Product Reviews

Average rating: 5.0

Dolly_Butterfly@1Fan.69Rating: 5 1 month, 2 weeks ago

I purchased this at the Dalton shop, I love it, only been taking for 5 days, but I can tell it’s a good quality vitamin, I love that everything is in this, no need to take multiple types to get what your body needs, it’s all right there in one place, I take this 3 times a day with my meals.

Awesome! Thank you for the review.

donrittenhouseRating: 5 2 years, 2 months ago


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