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Are you tired of feeling sluggish, unhealthy, and watching the scale creep higher and higher? Traditional crash diets or caloric restriction aren’t sustainable ways to lose weight, but what if there was an alternative?

Shibboleth isn’t a diet, it’s a community of like-minded people transforming their lives to lose weight, improve their nutrition, and reverse the damage their relationship with food has done to their health.

Transitioning to the Shibboleth program works by combining divinely inspired lifestyle changes, easily accessible meal options, and behavior modification—no pills potions, or gimmicks required!

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I want to thank Travis Martin, the Shibboleth lifestyle, and God for helping me get back on the right track. I am diabetic. My morning sugar is always higher than 150 to 190 even on medication (doctors tell me I’m just weird). Today, February 03, 2024, for the first time in years my morning blood sugar was 127👍🎉. I give this credit to the way I’m eating with the Shibboleth lifestyle and to my GOD for giving me the power and wisdom to stay on track. Thank you, Travis. Your Shibboleth lifestyle does work!🙏👍👏😁


I don’t usually post here because I usually learn a lot more if I’m listening to someone else!😉 I just wanted to say how thankful I am for Shibboleth. I have been here since it was Thrive. I’ve fallen off the wagon way more than I want to admit. But once again at the end of 2022, I had some blood work return and was told I would need meds. I asked the doctor to give me 3 months. I just received my results and the doctor no longer advises me to take the meds! I’m not finished but even after just 3 months, Shibboleth works!🙌🏻


Having wonderful readings. Thanks Shibboleth. Last A1C was at 6.1 this is still considered a Diabetic. Dr. And I talked he wants to wait till next Blood work in 3 months and if 5 something we will come off of this. Only taking 0.25 has been cut back twice. Thanks Shibboleth. Saving my life .❤️


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