Welcome to My Shibboleth Lifestyle, an Exclusive Wellness and Weight Loss Club for Members Only
Discover a community dedicated to transforming wellness and achieving weight loss goals.
For membership inquiries and more information, please reach out to our overseer, Travis Martin, at travisjack777@gmail.com.

Shibboleth is a high-powered wellness lifestyle considered a phenomenoon by many!

We offer a unique learning system and tools at your fingertips for the person looking to completely overhaul their life!

You get started immediately on your weight-loss and wellness journey! You can lose up to 5 pounds in your very first week as you eat from foods already in your pantry and refrigerator by simply combining them correctly to burn body fat!

FINALLY! You get to experience the FREEDOM and POWER of choosing foods that work FOR you instead of against you to burn unwanted body fat and keep it off forever!

Whether at one of our care centers, group classes, or online, we will provide you access to all the tools and resources you will need to get started and that will grow with you as your body and your needs change throughout your journey!

All you need to provide is a willing and wanting heart, the determination to succeed and 30 minutes to 1 hour of your time with us per week for the first 5 weeks to focus on WHO you are!

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Shibboleth is for everyone! Regardless of your weight-loss goal, your health conditions, lifestyle... Shibboleth can work for you!

However, Shibboleth is not for the person who is "on the fence". 

You must be ALL-IN or ALL-OUT! 

Our team is here to help you, but we also need you to help us! We will need to hear from you when you have changes in your lifestyle, any questions, we'll need to review your food journals with you, etc. The more information we have about you, the more we can help you achieve your goals!

Your peers will count on you just. as you will count on them to be there when you lose focus. We have a private Shibboleth community with people on their own journey ready and willing to help and support you along yours!

Our community is solid, we are a team, we are a family. We will know you by name and will be an extension of your own family as long as you desire!

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Your family is able to participate and eat the foods you eat!

We'll teach you how to incorporate the program into your household so you don't feel isolated or like you have to eat differently than your loved ones!

You can cook amazing recipes that our members have added to our website... crockpot, easy ingredient meals, baked dishes, comfort foods, fried, etc.  You name it!  

You can also easily eat at any restaurant or group function with our "survival kit" methods.

Your children and those around you will benefit from the knowledge you will gain and many times they don't even realize it! 

Our goal is that one day the Shibboleth Lifestyle components are taught to our school children with the same emphasis as their ABC's so they do not ever have to worry about being overweight in their lifetime!

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It is different. You can see that in our name.

We are:

  • A lifestyle - We teach, engage, discover, and encourage each other.
  • A group of individuals with goals of losing weight and gaining a healthy mind, body, and soul.
  • A family.
  • A way of life.

Shibboleth is a faith-based weight loss and wellness lifestyle that is very effective.

Shibboleth is a way of life for those living in the world but are not of the world. Our goal is to walk in the Spirit more and to feed the flesh less.

Name sounds a bit weird!? We understand it is different, and that is why we chose it!

Webster's dictionary defines "shibboleth" as: "a belief, principle, or practice which is adhered to but which is thought by some people to be inappropriate or out of date" "a custom, phrase, or use of language that acts as a test of belonging to, or as a stumbling block to becoming a member of, a particular social class, profession, etc"

Here at Shibboleth, we are a community of people who choose to adhere to different values. We see ourselves and food differently.

We reject our culture's idolization of food. We don't live to eat. We eat to live.

We don't sacrifice quality of life for cheap, tasty, and fast.

Most importantly, we are not interested in a diet. We are interested in a lifestyle.

In short, Shibboleth is not trying to change millions of lives. Shibboleth is trying to change one life at a time in a fun, family atmosphere.

If you have any questions for us, please call the Shibboleth Care Center at 470-227-7528 or email info@myshibboleth.com. You can also chat via the box below!

If you are ready to join us, just click HERE to see our special and become part of the Shibboleth Family! 

We always recommend that you work with and start with your doctors orders before beginning any weight loss or wellness program. 

Here is an example food list that you can take to your doctor for your review together to determine if you can eat these approved foods or which you should avoid.

Dr. Brochure 

Once you have been given the OK to proceed, we'll work within your doctors guidelines to help you achieve your wellness goal!

In short, YES Shibboleth will work for you. We have free Mentor appointments available to you so we can work specifically within your needs.

If you are ready to join us, just click HERE to see our special and become part of the Shibboleth Family! 

To lose body fat, you must feed it correctly.  Exercise will firm and tone, build muscles, protect joints, improve cardiovascular health, etc. However, we believe that if you don't add the nutritional component, success is temporary. 

If you are already exercising regularly, don't change it! Adding the nutritional components of Shibboleth will enhance your results and you will get to your goal quicker! 

If you are not exercising yet, no problem! Let's tackle one thing at a time. You can lose the excess body fat by eating in our combinations that create "exercise on a plate!"  

You'll learn how to train your body to use fat storage as it's energy source instead of food, which puts your body in FAT BURNING mode 24/7!  You'll be melting body fat like a blow torch to butter! 

We suggest walking and present guidelines that start as simple as walking to your mailbox and back, up to getting 10,000 - 20,000 steps per day! 

We also have exercise recommendations for those wanting to begin incorporating exercise. We start this journey with beginner, intermmediate and advanced levels to help enhance your results as you get closer to your goal. 

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We offer the most unique and fun methods of teaching and providing resources available!

You can earn badges by completing challenges, journaling, participating in live classes and webinars.

You can find battle buddies to work together. We offer exercise techniques and videos for those that are ready to take it to the next level!

You can journal and find all of our food, recipe and restaurant lists on our FREE app!

By following the Shibboleth Lifestyle you can experience one, or all of the following:

  • Meet your weight loss goal.
  • Improve self confidence.
  • Conquer food addiction.
  • Community love and connection.
  • Renewed hope.
  • Revived faith.
  • Acceptance and love of self.
  • Healthy body image.
  • New lifelong friendships.
  • Countless other NSV's (Non-Scale Victories!)



If you are ready to join us, just click HERE to see our special and become part of the Shibboleth Family! 

Yes! We will meet you where you are!

Our goal is to show our communities how to eat "real" food. When you don't eat meat, we teach you how to find protein sources that are not full of "fake" ingredients and that will help you lose the unwanted body fat. 

We teach you how to have ANY food you want. We'll explain how they break down in your body so you know exactly how to have it to achieve your goal.

While you will find both whole foods and processed foods in our library, our goal is again, to meet you where you are. Many of us are simply trying to lose weight and are not ready for a change in lifestyle such as vegan or "clean", etc. For those members, we have foods that we consider "void replacements". There is a void replacement (or many) for everything! 

If you are ready to join us, just click HERE to see our special and become part of the Shibboleth Family! 

We only recommend taking a high quality, whole food multi-vitamin daily, but especially when you are concentrating on losing weight.


This will help your body replenish any nutrients that are potentially lacking when you are restricting calories. An inadequate supply of water and fat soluble vitamins can actually slow weight loss.


We have some that we can recommend for you as you get started. However, there are no special pills or products that you must buy in order to participate in the Shibboleth Lifestyle Program and experience the weight-loss and wellness benefits simply eating in correct combinations will provide!


We always suggest consulting your physician before consuming any supplemental products.


If you are ready to join us, just click HERE to see our special and become part of the Shibboleth Family!