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Shibboleth is a high powered weight loss program considered a phenomenon by many. Shibboleth offers a unique learning system and unique tools for the person looking to completely overhaul their life.

Whether at one of our Care Centers, Group Classes or Online, we will provide you access to the tools and resources you need. You provide the determination and 30 minutes to 1 hour of your time with me per week for the first 5 weeks to focus on WHO you are!

Shibboleth is not for the person who is "on the fence". You are all in or all out. I am here to help you, but I also need you to help me. Your peers will count on you just as you will count on them to be there when you lose focus. We will be an extension of your family for as long as you desire! ~ Travis Martin


Are you tired of diets? Good! The first thing you need to know about us is what we are not. We are not a diet.

So what is Shibboleth? It is different, you can see that in our name. We are:


A lifestyle. We teach, engage, discover and encourage each other.


A group of individuals with goals of losing weight and gaining a healthy mind, body and soul.


We are a family.


A way of life.


Shibboleth is a faith based weight loss and wellness program that is very effective. Shibboleth is a way of life for those living in the world, but are not of the world. Our goal is to walk in the Spirit more and to feed the flesh less. Name sounds a bit weird? We understand it is different, and that why we chose it.

Webster’s Dictionary defines "shibboleth"  as:


"a belief, principle, or practice which is adhered to but which is thought by some people to be inappropriate or out of date."


"a custom, phrase, or use of language that acts as a test of belonging to, or as a stumbling block to becoming a member of, a particular social class, profession, etc"

Here at Shibboleth we are a band of people who chose to adhere to different values. We see ourselves differently and food differently. We reject our culture’s idolization of food.  We don’t live to eat, we eat to live. We don’t sacrifice quality of life for cheap, tasty and fast.  Most importantly, we are not interested in a diet; we are interested in a lifestyle.

In short, Shibboleth is not trying to change millions of lives. Shibboleth is trying to change one life at a time in a fun, family atmosphere. If you have any questions or concerns, call the Shibboleth Center at 678-540-6287.

There are many mysteries to be discovered in Shibboleth.

Why mysteries? Why not speak plainly? It is one thing to be told and taught. It is another to discover and become. We will discover and become. 

Weight loss is a side effect of our discovery.

It is easy. First you will want to contact us. There are two easy ways you can reach us:


By email: info@MyShibboleth.com

By Phone: 678-540-6287


If you live close to our Care Center, you'll want to schedule a FREE consultation which allows you to determine which of our programs best satisfies your weight loss goals, personal needs and lifestyle.


In the consultation you will complete a basic assessment and tell us your weight and dieting history, lifestyle, and past weight management experiences. We will then help determine which of our programs and plans best suit your needs.


You should attend weekly center or online visits for class and follow up during the course of your program. The educational process we use is unique and comprehensive. You will select a class time that is convenient for you and you will also be able to come into the center for personalized consults as needed.


Step 1:  We invite you to take part in our facebook community. It is a private community for members only. Just go to www.facebook.com/groups/myshibboleth.com to request entry.


Not a facebook user? We have our own community coming soon to the MyShibboleth.com website.


Step 2:  With your membership you can get started immediately by watching the Shibboleth Daily Doses in the Video Library of the Resources section. These videos are 10 minutes are less. 


Step 3:  Register for a 5 Week Phase One Shibboleth Class at a time and date that work for your schedule. All classes are recorded so you can watch them later if you need to.


Step 4:  Journal daily. Earn recognition and awards. Our online journal is simple with no calorie counting required.


Step 5:  Sh! It's a secret


Once you are in a maintenance phase of the program you can stay connected with us for future support where we continually re-enforce the program. We are a family and you will be a valuable part of the Shibboleth family and community.

Our eating lifestyle is very easy to follow. Because Shibboleth is a FUN and unconventional approach to weight loss it does take 2-3 sessions to fully grasp the foundational program.

However, you will begin losing weight after your very first class. How? While your learning the lifestyle we will provide you with weekly meal plans which will enable your body to specifically target fat as a fuel source.

Your friends in our program are eating specific food combinations for targeted FAT LOSS. They are also learning a NEW LIFESTYLE approach and way of thinking that transforms one from the inside out.  We will teach you the categories and combinations that will change your life.

  • Our program is fun and entertaining. We know you are here to make a change and that requires desire. You will want to come back each week for more!
  • Specially designed for weight loss and long term maintenance. The program is supervised by our support staff who have also lost weight with the program.
  • We help you tailor a lifestyle that is specifically for you, provided in a fun and supportive  atmosphere with our Shibboleth family members.
  • Our program is practical, sustainable, and fun to live with.
  • The program is safe. No pills, potions, or hocus pocus.

At your free consultation we will explain in greater detail why the program has been successful in helping dieters lose weight and make lasting lifestyle changes.  

The length of your participation in the program depends on your unique needs. Most of our members lose 2-5 pounds per week. So, if you needed to lose 30 pounds we would suggest that you participate in the program at least 10-12 weeks.


We don't just hand you a diet, we educate you and teach you how to use the tools that will keep you in fat burning mode for a lifetime.


After you have met your goal we have maintenance classes available and ongoing refresher courses. You are always a member of our family!

NO. Foods can be purchased at your local grocery store. You can do the program without ever purchasing a single product from us. In fact we do weekly grocery store tours to show you what is available in your local stores.


Because we live the lifestyle we have found many delicious products or “void-replacements” that keep us from feeling deprived when we are trying to stay “perfect”. We keep these in our weight loss centers and online as a convenience for you.


These products make our eating lifestyle fun and can even boost fat burning results but they are absolutely not required.


Our mission is to help you lose weight. We WILL accomplish that with passion, heart and a love of sharing what we have learned with you, not to sell you a bunch of nutritional supplements.  

Our success in helping clients lose weight is unrivaled. Check out our Success Stories page and you can also find us on facebook. The stories are endless, powerful and real. Real People with Real Results!

If you attend the classes and journal we guarantee your success. If you have made a decision to change your life and follow the program you will be a believer in less than 3 weeks. You can do anything for 3 weeks can’t you?


Participants often lose more than 20 pounds in only their first 3 weeks. You can learn the entire foundational program in the first 3 weeks while being taught by knowledgeable and fun Coaches. We only ask for a minimum of 20 participants in this class.

Shibboleth is a wellness program available to companies all over the nation.

We provide wellness instruction to employees of hospitals, manufacturing companies, government employees, and school teachers. We have a mission. We are going to change the eating culture of America and we are bringing the program to YOU. We only ask for a minimum of 20 participants in this class.

 E-mail us at info@MyShibboleth.com for more information.

Many companies give their employees specific amounts of money to go toward wellness education and we do qualify for most of those. Most insurance will not cover elective programs like ours, but you should still check with your insurance company.

We keep the cost of our group programs less than 30 cents per day so as you can see Shibboleth not only is the best program available, it is the most affordable.