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Before image Dewayne Patterson
After image Dewayne Patterson

God bless Travis and Shibboleth for giving my life back to me. January 14th starting weight 389. July 7th 271.4 lbs. To date my total weight loss is 117.6 lbs with 42.25 inches lost overall.


I have been obese most of my adult life and my health was deteriorating fast. I had a heart attack back in 2016 and only got bigger. I was essentially waiting to die. God put Shibboleth in my line of sight and through his love and the guidance of Jason and Cindy in Dalton and the best support group ever in my fellow classmates like Buddy and Cleo and my family I am now living more like I want to live and feel like I did twenty years ago. All medication has been taken away by my doctor and I have hope for each and every day now. My grand-babies will know who I really am and my wife and daughter get more than the tired old man I was becoming. God bless Travis and Shibboleth for giving my life back to me. January 14th starting weight 389. July 7th 271.4 lbs. To date my total weight loss is 117.6 lbs with 42.25 inches lost overall.


Just wanted to share a bit of our story/journey (so far)... we hope it is an encouragement. Around Christmas time we went out for breakfast just the 2 of us. I noticed when we walked in the door that Chris was holding a spreadsheet... which, if you know Chris wasn't odd for him to have a spreadsheet... but, I thought it was strange he was bringing it to breakfast and I was a little nervous to ask him about it. After we ordered he pulled it out and placed it in front of me and told me it was his retirement plan. He had done it by year from this point in time all the way to 20 years out. He was explaining it all to me and then he kind of stopped with a "but"... and what came next changed everything. "But, this hinges on me working for the next 20 years... and I'm not sure I'll live that long if we don't make some changes." His last physical didn't go so well. He didn't feel good. He was tired all the time. And if I was being honest I was, too. We both knew we HAD to make... Read More

Before image Angela Waldrop Murphree‎
After image Angela Waldrop Murphree‎

This lifestyle has helped us make the necessary changes to live fuller and healthier lives all while blessing the name of the Lord. We are so thankful for this ministry. It has been 5 months since we began and we have lost a combined 120 lb. (77 for him and 43 for me so far).

Before image Sarah Tejada
After image Sarah Tejada

That was the best $99 I have ever spent and would spend it over and over again. Shibboleth is NOT hard. Being fat was hard, hard on me and hard on my family. If someone like me, with an obese riddled family background (on both sides) can face the diet devil head on and fight it tooth and nail and lose 126 lbs in 10 months, anyone can. Shibboleth is easy.


When I first heard about Shibboleth, I have to be completely honest, as a woman over 40, I was very skeptical that it would actually work. I just didn't believe it would. I didn't struggle with my weight as a child or as a teen, it began in my 20's and gradually got worse. But I honestly thought I could handle it. I could lose it whenever I wanted to. So, I didn't worry about it. I did what I wanted to do. Lived how I wanted to live and ate whatever I wanted, when I wanted, how much I wanted. I over indulged, for sure. Now, fast forward about 25 years. July, 2017. I was 44 years old, pre diabetic and on BP meds since 2014. I knew there was a problem, nobody had to tell me. I knew I was fat, nobody had to tell me. I knew it!! I had tried so many other programs to get the weight off. The problem quickly became, KEEPING the weight off. Nothing was designed as a lifestyle to keep the weight off so the so-called "fix" was literally temporary. I got sick of the up and down yo-yo effect and... Read More


Can a person do Shibboleth and lose weight? ABSOLUTELY! Can a person adopt Shibboleth as a lifestyle, not a diet, and keep it off? ABSOLUTELY! I’m proof to that theory. I started Shibboleth in June 2015 245.8 lbs. Lost 83 lbs in 6 months concentrating on fastest weight loss combinations, very little holidays, as many challenges as I could do. I was successful. April 30, 2018 I had put on 25 lbs. I was mad at myself, shocked and most of all determined that this was not happening to me. I’ve been an active shabby for 3 years I just got lazy. Well it was an eye opener for me. So what did a good shibby do? I Started a challenge to get me back on track. I did Zero Drag started May 1st until May 28. Lost 6.6 lbs. Then Travis came out with the 21D21F21P. Well I jumped on that. I decided I was going to make my 25 lb goal by July 15th so I did back to back 42 days straight. I concentrated on the Blow Torch Weight Loss and ate very lean. Well, final weigh in this morning, down total 18.4 lbs and 7.5 inches... Read More

Before image ‎Debbie Lawless Sosebee‎
After image ‎Debbie Lawless Sosebee‎

I started Shibboleth in June 2015 245.8 lbs. Lost 83 lbs in 6 months concentrating on fastest weight loss combinations, very little holidays, as many challenges as I could do. I was successful.

Before image Larry Maltz
After image Larry Maltz

I am now in maintenance and have lost a total of 64.4 pounds!


Started the lifestyle on January 16 2018. I am now in maintenance and have lost a total of 64.4 pounds! Starting weight was 244.4. I now weigh 180 pounds. I always had the want to. This program showed me how to. Thank you to my entire Shibboleth family. Special shout out to Angela Maltz, Joe Hite, Bee Shibboleth, Sasha Martin, Brooklyn Martin Shibboleth, Sandy and Carmen for all of the continued support.


It’s my ONE YEAR Shibboleth-versary Shibblings! What an amazing planet we live on....one where your hopes and dreams regarding weight loss can be reality. I am still maintaining SIXTY pounds weight loss (I lost 60 pounds in 6 months and have maintained since) ....even through the holidays!!! I have my holidays....sometimes even hog trough holidays....but having the knowledge to string together those perfect days for EFB leave no cause for concern. Thanks again Joney Garrett for sharing ❤️❤️❤️ I have truly been blessed!

Before image Christy Nelson
After image Christy Nelson

I am still maintaining SIXTY pounds weight loss (I lost 60 pounds in 6 months and have maintained since) ....even through the holidays!!!

Before image Janis Rodgers
After image Janis Rodgers

Bless the name of the Lord! I made it to my goal weight today! Down 63 pounds since April 2017.


Bless the name of the Lord! I made it to my goal weight today! Down 63 pounds since April 2017. A big thank you to Travis and Sasha, and everyone on Planet Shibboleth for all the support and encouragement. I love this Shibboleth lifestyle!


I have been part of the Shibboleth family since Aug. 26, 2017. I have struggled with being over weight my whole life. I tried just about every diet, every fad that I came across, but never really stuck to anything. Over the last 12-15 years, things have come up in my life that caused me to put myself and my health on the back burner. Never realizing that until I gave myself 100% I was never really giving anyone else my all either. That all changed in August. My beautiful, wonderful sister, Sarah Tejada introduced me to the beginning of the rest of my life! #Shibboleth! I couldn't be more grateful for this life changing lifestyle!! EVERYTHING has changed...for the better!

Before image Hannah Crist
After image Hannah Crist

100 lbs gone forever!! Loving my life!!

Before image Janice Williams Turner
After image Janice Williams Turner

WOW, is all I can say!!


Thank you, Travis, Sasha, Brooklyn, and all the Shibboleth staff who have taught and encouraged me in my weight loss journey. Before was taken 1 1/2 years ago and the after image was taken last night.


Y’all, this is what happens when you get delivered from depression and the Holy Spirit ignites a passion in you!! You go from lazy, depressed, worried, unhealthy, unhappy to joyful, grateful, powerful, faithful, healthy and HAPPY! I’m so glad where I am right now. I literally want to run around and sing the praises of the Lord. BECAUSE HE IS GREATER THAN he who is in the world! And Satan cannot and will not have a hold on my life!

Before image Haven Leigh Hooper
After image Haven Leigh Hooper

It’s almost been a year since I was delivered from depression and I’m so thankful for the grace and love of God! He wants YOU!! He Loves YOU!!

Before image Haven Leigh Hooper
After image Haven Leigh Hooper

Well I’m SO excited to say that yesterday, I went and tried on some shorts and AHHHHHH I’m wearing a SIZE 10!!!!! I’ve never been in a size 10!


Guys, I started this journey in a tight 22W shorts. I was shocked I was that big but I had no idea cause all I wore was leggings until the beach trip last March. I let myself go. Well I’m SO excited to say that yesterday, I went and tried on some shorts and AHHHHHH I’m wearing a SIZE 10!!!!! I’ve never been in a Size 10! You can see the excitement on my face. My goal size has been an 8 but at this rate, ya never know I might see a size 6 in my future!


On February 15th 2017, I went to Dr and my weight was 221 lbs. Today I went back to same Dr and I my weight is 155 lbs! That made me so happy! That's 66 lbs gone forever! I feel so great with so much energy that I wish everyone would feel like I do! So thankful to God and Shibboleth! This lifestyle is the best way to live!❤

Before image Janice Hines Hamrick
After image Janice Hines Hamrick

So thankful to God and Shibboleth! This lifestyle is the best way to live!❤

Before image Susie Greer
After image Susie Greer

So you can see the weight loss was never about vanity. It was about survival. Down 55 lbs!


In 2001, I had yo-yo'ed my way up to over 300 pounds and opted for LAP-Band Surgery as a last result. I had great results from it and maintained a weight around 190 for almost 15 years. I was happy and active. In January of 2016, I had A-Fib and I feel the medication and less activity helped me put back 45-50 pounds- 242 pounds. My wonderful Physician's Assistant, Mae Johnson kept telling me about Shibboleth and I started the next day. That was March of 2017. This past weekend, October 20, I weighed 187. Now that may seem like a good bit to most of the women, but it is a size 12 for me and I am quite happy. I will continue on the Phase I plan for a bit more until I know I am stable. I would like to lose 5-7 more but I am fine where I am. I have appreciated the plans, challenges and support on the "planet". I also feel the message constantly of breakfast for the Father, lunch for the Son and Dinner for the Holy ghost kept me going. I walk about 5 miles total a day and on the weekends... Read More


Hard to believe almost 1 year ago. This was on Christmas morning 2016. WOW! This person in the pink pj's was so lost in life and so unhealthy and just going thru the motions of life but not living life. Thank God on December 31st, I signed up for Shibboleth. Even though it still took me till February 6th 2017 to actually start my new life, now 81 lbs less! I am healthy, happy, and living the life I had inside me that was dieing to get out.

Before image Pam Price
After image Pam Price

Praise God for answering my prayer that day at the altar and praise God for Shibboleth! Now, I'm living and loving my life.

Before image Christy Nelson
After image Christy Nelson

#shibbolethlife is my motto....why not live a lifestyle that allows you to meet goals never thought possible. It is a community filled with success and support and I am so thankful for Joney Garrett introducing me to this amazing lifestyle. I love this planet!


I have battled weight loss for.....forever....20 plus years. I regained the same 10 pounds a million times and sometimes more than 10! I worked out consistently and really tried to watch what I ate....but what I ate was for comfort and what I learned is that food is not comfort. It is fuel. That is what a Shibboleth has taught me most. Today is my 6 month Shibboleth anniversary (the end of my 24th week) and I can not be prouder to say that I have dropped FIFTY pounds!!! Investing the time into learning Shibboleth and keeping your days perfect...it is undeniable that it produces results...I mean I did it....after failing to do it for so many years!!


1 year ago today, I began MY journey with Shibboleth. Words cannot express the love & gratitude I have for this program, the founder, the mentors & fellow members. To date, I am down 106.4 lbs & have been enjoying maintenance for the last 6 weeks. My faith, my relationship with the Lord, my energy, my outlook & love for life have all increased tenfold. Going from "morbidly obese" to an "approved BMI" has opened new doors that I thought were closed & locked forever. I am HAPPY, I am HEALTHY, I am BLESSED and I am a forever Shibbolithian.

Before image Delina Leatherwood Long
After image Delina Leatherwood Long

I am HAPPY, I am HEALTHY, I am BLESSED and I am a forever Shibbolithian.

Before image Missy McKown White
After image Missy McKown White

This seems like the best place, with people who will understand my journey.


Y'all may get tired of my posts, but I have to share. This seems like the best place, with people who will understand my journey. From the time I was about 9, I was a chubby kid. I will never forget when I was 14, my dad signed our family up for a membership at Douglasville Health and Athletic Club (Gold's Gym on Hospital Dr.). They weighed me, in front of my friend, and I was 184. I was mortified! That was the first time I felt like I was a "big girl." I never felt pretty as a teenager. When I was 20, I went through a low carb, high cardio phase and lost down to 164. I was thrilled, but over the next years gained it back, got married and started having babies. The highest non-pregnancy weight I saw was 242. I've been on a health/fitness journey for over 7 years now, trying everything nutritionally and running my heart out, but staying between 185-190ish. In February, I saw 203.4 and knew I had to do something, so I started Shibboleth. This morning I saw this! I'm not sure when I've ever been in the 150's, maybe when I... Read More


I've struggled all my life with my weight. After having my two children it became even more difficult. In the fall of 2012 my world turned upside down and inside out for me when my husband's mining job came to a premature end due to the economy and we had to leave where we was living in God's country in a small rural town of Idaho. It was home in my heart. I was devastated because the last thing I ever wanted was to live in Georgia again. The move was very hard on me emotionally, mentally and physically. Looking back it was the beginning of my downward spiral. In the fall of 2015 my battle buddy and I attended our first Shibboleth meeting. We both left the meeting saying no way! This isn't for us! That winter I hit rock bottom and found myself in even worse health and now having to take blood pressure and anti-depressants. Well my battle buddy & I, whose health had declined too, attended another meeting and on the spot decided right then that our lives were changing! We started on April 4, 2016. I weighed in at 255.6 & now I'm down to... Read More

Before image April J Wilson Littleton
After image April J Wilson Littleton

I thank God for bringing me here to where I am today and for bringing Shibboleth, Travis Martin, Jason Whitener, Tyler Mathis and all my other wonderful Shibboleth family into my life!

Before image Lauren Burton
After image Lauren Burton

This program is amazing!


Losing weight is a mind game for sure but pics like these and trying on my size 20-22 pants are such encouragement. I believe you in always loving yourself, if you love yourself and feel confident at 400 lbs then you go girl! For me that wasn't the case I felt like a prisoner in my body and that's why I've worked so hard to feel the freedom I feel now. I share my journey with you all because I truly hope to encourage those of you that feel as miserable as I did to work hard and gain the success I have because I promise if I COULD, YOU CAN!


So June 13th was 1 year since I started the shibboleth lifestyle! I'm down 65 pounds!! Still working on it, but very happy with where I am!! So here's a little before and after, so I can see what 65 pounds looks like.

Before image Stephanie Scott
After image Stephanie Scott

I'm down 65 pounds!!

Before image Eve Dee
After image Eve Dee

I just wanted to thank Travis, Sasha Martin & Jason Whitener for all the time & resources you've invested in our family. I am the only member but my husband and daughter have also benefited.


My Pedro is down 40 lbs as of this morning and was dancing unto The Lord rejoicing for what God has done at church. As, Buddy Vanmeter knows, truck drivers like Pedro can have soda and get a lot of junk food with the points from refueling. Its a choice they make to live this lifestyle.


Before I started Shibboleth and now! At 37 years old, I suffered from achy feet and legs, my gut always got in the way, my pants never felt like they fit, and it didn't take more than walking up a few steps to get winded. I was tired of having to hold my breath in order to bend over and tie my shoes! My wife and I joined Shibboleth in July of last year, but we didn't really get going until August. We are a part of Ringgold Shibboleth and have learned so much along the way. It is freeing to understand how what you used to eat was working against you! What bondage the diet devil likes to place on us! I used eat for every reason-happy, sad, tired...whatever! I was always thinking about my next meal. But then God brought Shibboleth into my life. Knowledge is power. It's exciting to learn how food should work for you. Everyone needs to DECIDE. Everyone CAN do this. Food is NOT your ruler! God is calling all of us to be FREE! He is so full of love and He will be with you!

Before image Adam Yates
After image Adam Yates

I'm forever thankful for my wife, Anjie, mother-in-love, Shirlene, and, of course, Travis Martin, Tyler Mathis, Melanie McKenley, Melissa Paris, and all my Shibboleth family for all the things you have shown me! Now, I have lost 84 pounds and I don't have body aches anymore. I have more energy, my clothes fit, and I can breathe! I am train at the gym 4-5 days a week and I am still learning. I am still overcoming the mindset I have had toward food, but now I have the tools to do so. Bless the name of the Lord!

Before image Rosemary Melendrez
After image Rosemary Melendrez

I would like to thank Jason Whitener, Travis Martin, Sasha Martin, Joan Shibboleth, Tyler Mathis (no longer with us physically), my coworkers and all the Shibboleth employees and members for all the support and tools they offer to help you meet your goals. One piece of advice is all members need to use the resources available even the calculator. My husband gets annoyed sometimes because i am calculating. If it dont work, i keep moving on. On 3/13 at my Dr. visit I was told my diabetes is now in remission, no longer on medication, was taken off blood pressure and two cholesterol medications as well. Now I did have times where i gained some during my journey but do not feel discouraged it works and reach out to the staff for help. I thank Shibboleth for the new way of life, not a DIET. I as of this morning completed the Hemp bar challenge and as of this morning I am 153.8 making total weight loss of 58.60 lbs. YAY ME! Now the real work starts to maintain it since i am now in a LARGE size for tops and size 12 pants and 14 in dresses (with zippers, LOL) THANK YOU ALL for the support.


I want to share a little info with my Shibboleth family. I NEVER liked taking pictures because well, as you can see me in the blue shirt and shorts i was in a 2X, seldom in a 1x top and 20/22 size pants. In September 2016, my coworkers convinced me to visit a Shibboleth meeting. I went, i was a little hesitaant but i went. I showed up at Salem Baptist Church, nervous but i knew that Donna Hardin, Gayle Gazaway and Chris Griffin would be there so i was a little more comfortable. I signed up and weighed in at 212.4 lbs, i was told that i would get an email with my starter kit info in a day or two. Before I left, I was giving a packet and Jason Whitener said here you go read this...lol I took it home, read it, or thought i did and since i figured i would get the starter packet i took it upon myself to stop at Mcdonald's and i got me a sausage mcmuffin meal, and a thing of cinnamon melts :) I figured i have another day or two... Then for lunch i had Arby's...lol Then after a... Read More


I am in ONE-Derland today! Finally! The picture on the left is spring break last year in Colorado. The picture on the right is today. I am so exited I'm down 131.7 since I started on April 20 of last year. We are going to the beach next week and I can't wait to walk on it. I haven't been able to do that in years. The last time I was 199 lbs I was 20 years old, over 27 years ago.

Before image Liz Allen Clark
After image Liz Allen Clark

I am so thankful for Shibboleth and everything Travis Martin and Sasha Martin does for this ministry. I feel like you saved my life!

Before image Linda Hooker
After image Linda Hooker

I am beyond blessed. Thank you everyone!


I have struggled with my weight all my life. My beautiful daughter took these pictures and put them together so that I could finally see what everyone else could see. She made me cry happy tears. This is the only weight loss program that has ever worked for me. I finally see the 34 lbs I have lost..


I could not be more excited, I earned my pink shirt a few weeks ago.. I went to the center today to pick it up & lost an additional 5 pounds!! Down 24.8 pounds gone forever! 18 inches gone forever! I'm only 4'11... I started out in a size 14 (but probably needed a 16, and now my 10's are loose!! I can honestly say with out the Shibboleth family support this would have never been possible. Y'all are all amazing & everyone's journeys are all different but our end goal is all the same!! I still have 30 pounds to go but I can do it!! This shirt was so rewarding to get but the letter from Travis Martin meant so much more. I thank God every night for what he has created for all of us. So thankful to finally be getting my life back!! Everyone at the center has all of our backs!! Putting this shirt on I cried, happy tears!! Here is my before & now pic!! Huge Thank you to Abby Dees, not only a huge inspiration but another selfless person who doesn't mind giving tips & encouragement to people she has never met!!

Before image Diana DeGaetano
After image Diana DeGaetano

Huge Thank you to Amy Shibboleth, Brooklyn Martin-Shibboleth, Sasha Martin, Joan Shibboleth, Jason Whitener!!! I may not have met all of you but you keep me going with just your encouraging words & helpful tips!!!

Before image Kelly A Gray
After image Kelly A Gray

There is no way to say thank you to everyone who contributes in this group, to everyone who steps out and shares their success, but most of all to Travis Martin and Sasha Martin for all they give of themselves to each and every member.


In honor of Face to Face Friday, and earning my 25lb badge (32 total today) and my tshirt! I showed the picture on the left to someone whose approval I have sought my entire life, their response, "looks the same to me". But there is so much different. That girl on the left had let grief control her for over a year, she let food and alcohol fill a void that she thought would never be filled again. And then one random day when cleaning out spam, she found her way to this group, back to the Lord and to hope. That girl on the right, her smile is genuine, she has hope and she has learned to LIVE again. I am 32 pounds down today, halfway to goal, but my celebration today is for far more than a physical appearance. If you are new, just know that every person here wants you to succeed and live! We are all in this together and I am so happy to have found a special group of likeminded individuals!


On September 2, 2016 my sister, Brenda Goode Crooke and I joined Shibboleth. We both wanted to lose weight and both of us wanted to just feel better. I was on 50 units of Insulin & 2 metformin pills for my diabetes, taking 3 blood pressure pills, cholesterol pills and synthroid. In this short 4+months I have lost 42.2 pounds, came off the insulin in 29 days, only taking 1 metformin, came off the cholesterol medicine and have decreased my blood pressure pills to 1/2 of a pill. My sister, Brenda Goode Crooke , has lost a whooping 69.2 pounds. TOGETHER WE HAVE LOST A TOTAL OF 111.4 POUNDS. Bless the name of the LORD at all times.

Before image Diane Scott and Brenda Crooke
After image Diane Scott and Brenda Crooke

Thank you to the Shibboleth family for all your support and for this great lifestyle change that we know that we can live with. Love you all for giving our lives back.

Before image Brenda Sue Burk
After image Brenda Sue Burk

Thank you Travis Martin and Sasha Martin for having the insight to start this program. I feel it has literally saved my life. Thank you Jason Whitener for teaching me the Shibboleth lifestyle and how it works. I love the Shibboleth lifestyle and never plan to go back to letting food control my life again!!


Hi my name is Brenda Sue Burk and this is my story. On Feb. 14, 2016, I went for my yearly physical and was told that I was pre-diabetic with an A1C of 7. My doctor told me if I didn’t lose weight that I would have to go on diabetes medication. I didn’t want more medicine because I was already taking 2 blood pressure pills, cholesterol pill, lasix, and nexium. I had heard about Shibboleth through people at my church that had been on it and lost lots of weight. I decided to go to one of the meetings although I was skeptical. I had been on just about every diet there is out there and after a little success I would start gaining my weight back. I started on Shibboleth on March 16, 2016 and have never looked back. It is the best decision I ever made. To date I have lost 60lbs and 30 inches. I have been able to come off of one of my BP medicines, lasix, and have been able to cut my dose on my cholesterol medicine in half. My A1C is now 5 and my cholesterol is 117. #BLESSTHENAMEOFTHELORD


Wanted to write this to let everyone know that Shibboleth is the real deal. I started my journey with Shibboleth February 2016. I did it because my beautiful wife asked me to do it with her, so I said okay I’ll go to the meeting. So glad she asked me to do it. When we got to the first meeting (at our church, Pine Grove Baptist) they gave us a paper and said we want you to write down your “Why”. Let me tell you my why: I was 44 years old, 5’8’ and I weighed 287 pounds, and God has blessed me with a beautiful wife, and 3 wonderful children. I was taking medication for high blood pressure and I always felt like I was tired. So my why was that I’ve got too many blessings from God to let myself be this fat and unhealthy, didn’t want to die and not be there for my family. Since I have been on the Shibboleth Planet, I’ve learned a lot about the lifestyle. Changes needed to make a difference in my life. I think the hardest thing for me has been the fact that it’s not a diet, it’s a... Read More

Before image Mike Bennett
After image Mike Bennett

The Shibboleth Planet is working. My official weight loss as of today is 69.7 pounds, with 35 inches lost. If you need to lose the weight, come get on the Shibboleth Planet with us, we can all do it together. The Shibboleth family will be with you and best of all, Our Father God will be with us all. I’m 30 pounds from my goal weight!

Before image Larry Thomas Cole
After image Larry Thomas Cole

I won't ever need another diet, I have the Shibboleth lifestyle. I have the support of friends I have made while doing the program. Come get started on the lifestyle!


To me personally, Shibboleth is a lifestyle not a diet. I have done diets and they have worked, but I could never keep the weight off. I saw friends and neighbors doing the Shibboleth program and I knew that I could do it too. Once you understand the lifestyle, the program is easy. I lost 70 lbs in aprox 6 months and have kept it off for 4 months. #blessthenameofthelord #bodybyshibboleth


Thank you Lord! I can now tell a difference with our weight loss in these pics! I'm 50 lbs down, hubby is 40 lbs down!

Before image Eddie and Vickie Kerr
After image Eddie and Vickie Kerr

Thank you Shibboleth lifestyle and staff for all the help!

Before image Paige Martin
After image Paige Martin

Thank you Shibboleth for helping me get my life back!


I started my journey on January 25th 2016 and on my 6 month weigh in July 25th 2016, I have lost a total of 60 pounds. I have a lot more to go but with the help of the good Lord and Shibboleth I know I can do it. I have tried many many things in the past that has never worked. But this does. It is something you can stick to from now on. You can get all of your food from the grocery store and eat at most restaurants. I have Hashimoto's disease and PCOS which makes it very hard to lose weight. But it is slowly working. I greatly appreciate the support from Jason whitener. I have also come off of my blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. I am able to walk now without dying and I will be participating in my first 5k next month.


I am a diabetic and in August 2016 I had two really bad spells with my diabetes. My blood sugar went so high I could have went into a coma but by the grace of God I did not. At the end of August a friend of mine on Facebook was diagnosed with diabetes and said she had went to a Shibboleth meeting. I was curious as to what this was so I did some research. I realized that this was a revised version of Thrive and joined that night. On September 2, 2016 I began my journey. This is not a diet it is a lifestyle change. I was on 50 units of Insulin and , 2 metformin pills for my diabetes, taking 3 blood pressure pills, cholesterol pills and synthroid. In this short 4+months I have lost 41.4 pounds, came off the insulin in 29 days, only taking 1 metformin, came off the cholesterol medicine and have decreased my blood pressure pills to 1/2 of a pill. The best thing is I feel so good.

Before image Diane Goode Scott
After image Diane Goode Scott

Thank you to the Shibboleth family for all your support and for this great lifestyle change that I know that I can live with. Love you all for giving my life back.

Before image Priscilla Findley
After image Priscilla Findley

I lost 90 lbs in 10 months!


I started this diet journey in Feb. 2016. As of December 31, I am down 90 lbs. At the beginning of December, I joined Shibboleth with an awesome group of people and have lost more in three weeks than I have since the beginning. So excited to see what 2017 will bring!!!


I am convinced there is no better weight loss and wellness program out there and we have the best coaches with the most personable service. Learn the lifestyle, get engaged in the training and with others who are living it, surround yourself with friends who will support you, and commit to do something good for yourself! You'll be so glad you did. The best time is now! You can do this!

Before image Kim Echols Obermeyer‎
After image Kim Echols Obermeyer‎

What a difference from last year! I lost 53 lbs in 5 1/2 months with Shibboleth and am in the best shape I have been in 20 years.

Before image Abby Howell Dees
After image Abby Howell Dees

Because of Shibboleth, Travis Martin and his team, I'm happy again, my husband is happy, my daughter is happy and I can really smile again.


Before Shibboleth, I was just existing. I wasn't living. I was numb inside, well other than the misery and pain I lived in everyday. I hated myself. I was miserable and I made others around me miserable too. I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything and Lord forbid I see someone I hadn't seen in a while. I was so ashamed of the weight I had gained. Food made me happy and made me hate life at the same time. It was my drug. It was really hard to find pictures of myself before my weight loss because I hid from the camera. My family is a huge picture taking family. Every get together we have to take pictures. I would dread it so bad. And once the picture was taken I warned them they better not post it on Facebook or anywhere else. I never wanted to see it again and I didn't want anyone else to see it either. I mean, I reported my own sister to the Facebook authorities for posting a picture of me that I didn't ok for her to post! Who does that?! LOL! This is awful and embarrassing, but it's the... Read More


I began my journey at 294 lbs with the old program and carried over day 1 with Shibboleth. I half hearted stayed with the program until October 2014. I let life get in my way and quit. In October 2015, I was up 50 lbs of the 80 I had lost. I was also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at this point in my life. I felt awful and I looked awful. I was slowly killing myself. In November 2015, I decided to start back with the program on my own. I did drop a few pounds but I knew it wasn't enough to be by myself. On January 19, 2016 I officially came back home to my Shibboleth family. To date, I have lost 102 lbs. I have went from a very tight fitting 26w to a size 12-14. The best part is; as of July 11, 2016, I no longer have diabetes! I am feeling so much better. I have energy and I look better. For the first time in my life I'm not ashamed of me. I'm learning to be proud of me and love myself. God made me because he loves me. I hope I can... Read More

Before image Kimberley Davis
After image Kimberley Davis

I should honor Him and use the tool he has given me, that's Shibboleth. I am so grateful to Sasha,Travis and the whole team for following God's plan for them.

Before image Candi Poe Keeler
After image Candi Poe Keeler

I thank God for the Shibboleth Team for them allowing God to use them and share all the tools we need to live healthier, happier and longer!


I started Shibboleth on Feb 4th, 2016 weighing 278 lbs size 22. I could hardly put on my shoes or tie them by myself. It was a very difficult task to put my pants on. I couldn't stand at my kitchen sink or stove for over 5 minutes due to my back killing me. I lost 11 lbs my first week. I took my Mom back home with me on hospice on Feb 16th. She passed away Feb 26th. By this time (22 days) I had already lost 21 lbs. Normally this would've been the end of my weight loss but not this time. I'd lost 40 lbs in 9 short weeks!! I've lost 60 lbs and went from size 22 to 16. I feel better than I've felt in so many years even though I'm still heavier. I have a long way to go but look at what has already been done!! I thank God for giving me strength to continue during my weak times. I'm now weighing in at 218 and I'm excited about being below 200 within the month for the first time in 11 years. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians... Read More


I became a member of Shibboleth almost a year before I actually got started, and I regret that. However, things have really changed for me since I committed to the Shibboleth lifestyle. I have not only lost 50 lbs., I also lost my need for blood pressure medicine, and I can run up the stairs at home with no side effects. Before, I went up (and down) the stairs very slowly and would become dizzy, short of breath, and my heart would race and beat very hard.

Before image Becky Beason Trent
After image Becky Beason Trent

Thank you Travis and Sasha Martin for the gift of Shibboleth! Thank you God for giving me the strength to do this! I love Planet Shibboleth and ALL of my Shibboleth family very much!

Before image Jennifer and Evan Hull
After image Jennifer and Evan Hull

My son has lost 60 pounds doing Shibboleth!!!


I get up every day and watch one of Travis's videos and learn more about food and what it does in our bodies. So I had my 15 year old son, EVAN, captive one day while we were driving into Nashville and I was telling him all that I had learned from Travis and he just said, "Mama, that sounds like something I think I can do because it makes a lot of sense"! So I told him that if he will just do everything I said like Travis tells us that he will lose the weight and the very next day he started on the program and he sticks to it... He is very determined when he gets his mind set on something. I believe that was the end of January or first of February and up to now he's lost a little over 60 pounds!


Just wanted to post how thankful I am to have been introduced to the Shibboleth lifestyle. Over the weekend, I went through my closet and drawers and was able to give away 6 garbage bags and 1 huge box of clothes!!! I have struggled my whole life with my weight and yo-yo dieting. My weight would range from 103 to 181 lbs!!! (I'm 5'3''). I've also had a resting heart rate of 112 bpm for over 20 years.....it is now 65!!!! The only thing I'm doing differently is this new way of eating. Travis Martin has been given a gift from God to help people who struggle with their weight and I am one of those people. I feel like I, too, have been given a gift. It is so liberating to not have to think about another diet for the rest of my days. Thank you doesn't seem enough for all I've been given.

Before image Jennifer McCarter
After image Jennifer McCarter

God bless you Travis Martin, Jodi Harbin, and all the sweet Shibboleth family for your knowledge and support. I am forever grateful.

Before image Nina Dixon
After image Nina Dixon

So thankful for Travis Martin and all our wonderful mentors!!


I started my Shibboleth journey 1 year ago, today! Giving GOD all the glory for every pound and inch that I have gotten rid off!! 60 lbs. gone for good!!! (Haven't reached my goal yet, but, taking one day at a time.) I could not have done this without God's help...Phil. 4:13!!


I started my journey with Shibboleth lifestyle 3 years ago tomorrow. I can't believe that I have actually lost and maintained 60 pounds less of me. Do I have days that I struggle with eating properly? Yes. Does my weight fluctuate back above goal weight? Yes. But, the awesome thing about this program is that you can get off track and get right back on. It's all about doing the right thing more than the wrong thing.

Before image Deborah Jackson Parks
After image Deborah Jackson Parks

I thanked God for Travis Martin and Sasha Martin, as well as the rest of the amazing Shibboleth team who are committed to helping others become more healthy daily and sacrificing so much. Looking forward to being on this journey for a very long time together!

Before image Keri Hefner Cope
After image Keri Hefner Cope

Shibboleth is not a diet. It is a lifestyle that you can live with and achieve your goals. It is well worth the small investment to get your life back. Love you Travis Martin and Sasha Martin and team Shibboleth!


"Before I found Shibboleth, I weighed 350 lbs. I was depressed, in constant pain in my joints and I felt hopeless. I had lap band surgery in 2003 and failed at maintaining my weight loss. I got on my knees and prayed for God to show me the way to getting my life back. It was through God's grace that I found Shibboleth. I have just celebrated my 2nd year anniversary with the program and have lost 170 lbs. In August, I will have my second reconstructive surgery done and I will be at my final weight loss goal. I am finally free of my aches and pains and look like I did when I was 16 years old."


I found victory in not having to wait for table seating vs. booth seating when we go out to eat. Victory of hopping on the log flume ride at Dollywood with my son and husband instead of being concerned about if I'd exceed the weight limit or be able to use the seat belt in the ride without an extender. Victory of attending sporting events without the worry of of the type seating the stadium offered. Bench style seating vs. individual chair seating.

Before image Cindy Hindman Walters
After image Cindy Hindman Walters

There have been so many victories and so much success in my weight loss journey, I sometimes think I don't even realize all that GOD has accomplished!

Before image Tonia Mitchell Winters
After image Tonia Mitchell Winters

I can't go without giving thanks to all the Shibboleth family and mentors. A special thanks to Travis Martin and Sasha. Thanks everyone for pouring yourselves into us; not just mentally and physically, but spiritually. Thank you God!!!


"I have to give it up for God again. He deserves all the glory, honor, and praise for it all. I have to share my praise report along with God's goodness. I started the Shibboleth journey late February. Since this journey, I have learned discipline, patience, and willpower. All of these factors was much needed in my life; not just for eating right, but for my personal life, spiritual life, and career. Since my last weigh in, I'm knocking on 51 lbs weight loss and almost 18 total inches. I have lost some in every area of my body. PRAISE GOD!!!"


I actually began on 9/11/2012 at 184.2 lbs and was told by my doctor I would have to begin several medications. I did not want to do that and he suggested Thrive. He said I could "try" to control it with diet, but he did not think it would work and would re-check in 3-4 months. I was 60 years old and had convinced myself I was "too old" to change. I went back to the doctor on 12/5/2012 and everything was normal!! Cholesterol went from 287 to 170, Blood Glucose from 112 to 74, BP from 147/90 to 114/78!! My ending weight is 148.6!! I have maintained this and I still have a little to go (not sure yet where I'm going to stop, but I'll know when I get there). I have learned that I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me! I just returned from a mission trip to Mazatlan, Mexico, where our team of 15 volunteers built a house for a family-in 3 days! I did not want to go because I felt like I would hold everyone else back, but thanks to being in good health, I did as much physical work as... Read More

Before image Gail Corbin
After image Gail Corbin

Thank you, Travis, for encouraging us to study God's Word! I know I could not have done this without all of the Shibboleth Family! Thank you Travis, Sasha and Angela and all others who post on Facebook and work behind the scenes- I know God sent me to you and you have saved a life!!

Before image David Cervantes
After image David Cervantes

I appreciate the care and time that has been put into all of this. I am grateful. God bless you all!!!


"This is a great program . . . well, "program" probably doesn't do justice to it when you throw in the spiritual and community aspects. I lost all my weight -- 80 lbs. -- on the program, and have kept it off for for over two years, the last two months on Planet Shibboleth. I have only gotten 10 lbs. over my original goal once, that being right after Christmas last year. It melted off quickly after that."


My husband has lost 57 pounds and I have lost 25 pounds and kept it off for two years. I tried all kinds of other diets and never made it to my goal and always put the weight back on. (The first picture was before I lost 25 pounds on another program. So I have really kept off 50 pounds.) We love that it is a faith based weight loss program and are always encouraged by the classes and Shibboleth community.

Before image Cheryl Davis
After image Cheryl Davis

Not only were we successful on Shibboleth, but it is a lifestyle that we will live forever!

Before image Kerri Johns
After image Kerri Johns

Thank the Lord I found Shibboleth. I lost 130 lbs in less than a year. My mission now is to help others start living and making memories too!


My Shibboleth journey started with buying a pair of 24W jeans for my oldest son's first birthday party. They were really too tight, but I was too mortified to get a bigger size. So I'm at the party, sitting in the floor opening presents with Mark and I literally can't breathe. Those pants I brought were hurting they were so tight. I have to excuse myself from opening presents and get Anthony, my husband, to finish up the gift opening. That was the moment I knew I had to do something, anything I was miserable! I missed out on making so many memories because either I was too embarrassed to be in pictures or I literally couldn't do it. I didn't have the energy or the breath. Thank the Lord I found Shibboleth about a month later. I lost 130 lbs in less than a year. It's been over 3 years since my journey started. I've even had another baby, but throughout my pregnancy I stayed faithful to Shibboleth. I can never go back to the person I was 3 years ago, missing out on life because of my weight.


The last 5 years for me has been a hard battle. I had a baby in 2008 and she was 6 months old I found out I had cancer. The doctors wouldn't let me lose my baby weight until I completed chemo. I gained 45 pounds while I was pregnant and more weight while I was doing chemo. I did 3 years of chemo and the doctors removed my port and last year and told me that I could start trying to lose my weight back down. I tried on my own for several months and lost some of the weight, but then Shibboleth came into my life. I have only been on this 3 months and I am back down to where I was before I had my daughter. I went back to the doctor 3 weeks ago and they gave me a perfect bill of health. No signs of cancer and all my blood work is perfect. I have my energy back and I feel better than I ever have. After doing chemo, I never thought I would feel like myself again.

Before image Angie Mears
After image Angie Mears

Thanks to Shibboleth, I am happy, healthy and feel beautiful again. I pray that God bless you and your team. You are doing a great job!!!

Before image Melvin Wells
After image Melvin Wells

Not only did we lose weight, but we met, and became friends with two of the most genuine people out there. Travis and Sasha truly have a heart to reach and help others!


"My wife and I started about 2 years ago. Both determined to get our lives back. 120 lbs together weight loss! I came off of blood pressure and acid reflux medication. Learned an awesome program that was sustainable, fun, and effective."