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‎Lucianne Demers‎

I have to be humble & thank the Lord as I was 164.5 pounds and now am down to 128 pounds, that’s 36.5 pounds I lost since 10/31/2018! And off all blood pressure and other medications!!

Donna Marie Back

NSV: 3 months ago I could not wear my wedding rings. After losing 30 pounds, I can now wear them. On my way home from work, I noticed this gap. I was at a stop so I took a picture. I’m super excited & motivated!

Mandy Hart

NSV - this time last last year at the lake I was wearing a XXL life preserver. Yesterday I wore a MEDIUM! (And I may or may not have wore a bikini) Praise the Lord for giving me the strength and determination to press through!

Kim Dahnke

Since losing 21 pounds, I’m sleeping through the night rather than tossing and turning all night. If feeling better in my own skin and clothes wasn’t enough, sleeping better is a HUGE victory.

‎Hollie Winkles‎

60 pounds (75 total) gone forever. I’m off my blood pressure medicine, I’m in a smaller size than I’ve been in my adult life, I’m working out 3-5 days a week and I finally feel great in my own skin. I’ve got a few more pounds, but if I stay here forever, I’ll be forever grateful for Shibboleth!

Deanna Hewitt

SUPER NSV!!!! Wearing size XL pants!!!! I have not been in this size in I couldn't tell you when!!! I'm. so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy McCafferty

Tiny win today at church. Sat the entire sermon with legs crossed and NO PAIN. I have dealt with pain when crossing my legs since I was in high school.

Nicolle Cobell-Williams

Only 6 more pounds to go before I reach my goal weight! 29 lbs lost since 1/26/19. This is a lifestyle choice I am so glad I made. It really works!!

Diana Anderson

Met my first goal. Getting below 200. Started February 7th at 234 pounds, now I am at 199. I am so thankful for my sister, Marlene Holmes who talked me into joining Shibboleth. Weigh less than I have in years. My next goal is to reach 180. With God’s help, I will make it.

‎Erin Mason‎

I have lost 33 pounds in just 3 months! But the measurements are even more awesome. I've gone from a size 18 to 20 pants to a size 14. I've lost 6 inches in my waist, 5.5 inches in my chest, 7 inches in my hips, and 4 inches in my thighs!

Wanda Hudson

I feel so much better since losing the weight. A1C down from 8.9 to 7.1 the last time I was at the doctor in April. Down 30 pounds since the last week of February.

Katie Burrell McGlamery

NSV. Walking tonight with my 7 & 8 year old and they wanted to run. They took off without me and then I caught up with them and stayed with them for about 1/4 a mile before they stopped. Before starting this program, that would NOT have been possible. He told me, “Wow, Mom! You really are killing it!!”

Sharon Frederick Clarey

I love Shibboleth! I am now in size 8, first time in 20 years!!

Jeannie Morgan Hoty

Thanks to Shibboleth for your wonderful ministry!! My lab reports today after only 5 weeks of following your program show my total cholesterol down 100 points!!! Thanks for helping to change many years of bad eating habits, I have a long way to go to my goal, but. This doctor visit was one of them! Praise the name of the Lord!!

Katrina Kinney‎

How fun was it to wear a dress that I have not tried on for many years!!! (8-9 years). It fits better yesterday than the day I wore it for Easter. Got many compliments on both my dress and how far I have gone with Shibboleth! THANKS for this wonderful lifestyle.

‎Jerald Carpenter‎

50 pounds down since January. And it’s not just the weight. 2 shirt sizes and 4 pant sizes. Off of all anti inflammatory drugs. Having issues with BP too low now so coming off of those meds too! I can’t say enough about this ministry and all involved. Praise the Lord- to Him be the glory!

‎Hollie Winkles‎

Non-scale victory: Officially off my blood pressure medicine! Bonus of the day is when the doctor told me that I look like a different person! I still have 15-20 pounds left, but I super pumped on my progress.

Christy Brown Stough

I have lost 50 pounds. My blood pressure is now normal instead of high. My Crohn's disease is now under control. I don't have the stomach pain that I had before starting Shibboleth. Shibboleth has been a lifesaver and the easiest thing that I have ever done. Bless the name of the Lord!!!!

Carrie Sowerby

Personal achievement. My journey has been longer because of my wonky thyroid, but since I started in February, I’m now down my mid goal of 15 pounds and 6 inches in my hips and 8 in my waist plus a pant size. Still squishy, but I’m not giving up. This has been the only program to ever work for me in nearly 14 years.

William Dewayne Patterson

Went in for my yearly check up this morning. Blood pressure and other vitals nearly perfect. A few months back my cardiologist also gave me clean bill of health. This plan works folks.

Jane Mosley Cashin

I went to my general practitioner yesterday and he was totally blown away. I have lost over 50 pounds since my last visit. He asked me a bunch of questions and I left with him scratching his head. They called today with the results of my bloodwork and I no longer have to take the cholesterol meds. I am so thankful for Shibboleth and God’s mercy, love and grace.

‎Jennifer Cole Fletcher‎

I started this journey in May of 2015 and lost 60 pounds by the end of 2015. People tell me, you look great and don’t need to lose anymore weight. Over the next 2 years, I gained that 60 pounds back. I found my Why again in late 2018 and am now back down 60 pounds with 50 to go. I will continue on this wonderful planet Shibboleth and continue to lose weight. I know I will have ups and downs but I’m not going to let it get to me. I love seeing all the posts good and bad. Thanks to Travis Martin and Sasha Martin for all they do.

Jerald Carpenter

I started my Shibboleth journey on January 1, 2019. As of today I have lost 45 pounds. I am down three pant sizes and two shirt sizes, and had to get a new belt! And I feel better than I have in many years. This lifestyle works. It’s not just about the the weight, but overall health. I am down to one prescription, my BP meds, and intend to be off that one in the near future. BP is better than it has been in over ten years! Bless the name of the Lord!

Teresa Nichols

Went to the heart doctor last Thursday. He took me off all my blood pressure meds except one and he took me off both my cholesterol and triglyceride meds too. In fact he said the last I saw him the numbers were high, and now they are low. He loves Shibboleth. A lot of his patients are on the program too. Thank you so much Shibboleth.

Dave Smith

Sometimes it’s the NSV that are more satisfying than the weight loss. Wrapped a towel around my waist when I got out of the shower today and it overlapped. Can’t remember the last time I was able to do that.

Alice Lenorah Valentine

Down 26.8 lbs! So excited. Vacation next week Shibboleth style. When I get back having my surgery, blood work finally comes back great. The doctor cut my blood pressure medication over half. Just loving life!!!!

Janet Kelly

Have to say a big thank you to the Shibboleth planet! I've been on the program since January. Today my blood sugar was the lowest it has been in years!! 84 what??? Praise the good Lord!!

Ruth LaMee Shelton

Shibboleth has been a family affair for us since January of 2019. It started out with me, but when mama cooks and makes lunches that means the family is on Shibboleth! Lol. As a family we have lost over 100 pounds since the beginning of January and we are not through yet!!! Thanks Shibboleth!

Donna Marie Back

NSV: I’ve been on planet Shibboleth for 3 weeks. Yesterday, I wore a pair of jeans that I’ve not been able to wear in over a year.

Deanna Hewitt

So, I started this in December and have followed it, not as religiously as I should but still doing it. Tonight I broke down and went jean shopping. I hate clothes shopping, it's depressing and I normally end up eating a giant bowl of ice cream or something. This time it was different. I'm actually DOWN TWO sizes!!! I went from 22 to 18! I have to tell you that excited me, definitely kicked it in great tonight. Just sporadically following it, I've lost 36 pounds, I haven't measured myself yet, but this NSV has me over the moon!!! Praise God for Shibboleth and I guarantee that THIS in my reason. Time to get serious!!!!