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Shawn Brooks

So between me and my wife, we've lost 74 lbs. Feeling better! Everyday, I use to wake up sore but now, I feel great. I have more energy and not as tired as I was.

Melissa Ruth

4 years ago, my lab results were horrid. 9 years ago, my lab results were horrid. Diabetes, Hashimotos, hypothryoid, metabolic syndrome, high potential for cardiac issues and possible celiac disease were all among my diagnosis lists. My inflammatory markers were off the charts...literally.. 6 months ago, the doctor added insulin resistant, signs of liver damage and "let's watch the kidneys" to my lists. 2 months ago, my lab results were significantly better. Last week, I had more labs done. This is the result I got today: Comments from the Doctor's Office Thyroid panel is normal. TPO is within normal limit. Your diet is helping much. Liver and kidney are normal. Today, I am praising God for friends who shared Shibboleth with me and for giving me the guts to do the easiest and best program there is to get healthy and thanking God for Travis and all the Shibboleth family.

Dawn Schafer Huey

For all the members dealing with hypothyroidism! It took me almost two years to find the “right” doctor to actually listen to me and help me! After being properly diagnosed I then found Shibboleth to help me get the weight off! Working on my second year on the planet and have never felt better!...both mentally and physically!

Tim Ballew

I give Shibboleth and my wife all the credit of the 48 lbs. I have to lose 122 lbs. to reach my goal and my liver doctor wants me to get to 280 lbs. to reach that goal. Thank you to Tina Allen-Ballew and Shibboleth for my life still change.

Mike Robson

Amazing what a year makes. I have lost 55 pounds since August of 2018 and have maintained between 50-55 pounds lost since December of 2018. As of today, Tracey has lost 30 pounds since September of 2018. A cumulative total of 85 pounds lost for both of us. Shibboleth works! Bless the name of the Lord. Our hope is this gives people hope to Keep on Keeping on.

Nickie Kile

I've lost 48 pounds! Shibboleth is about finding the things that you like on the program and doing you. So, just embrace learning what your body likes, what your taste buds like, and prepare for your fat to melt like room temperature butter on a preheated iron skillet! Happy fat loss to you all!

Susan Still

While I have struggled personally following the plan 100%. I had my blood work last week. weight down 13 pounds., Blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure are all within normal limits.

Jeff Burrow

This morning I hit 25lbs lost. I’ve gone from 210 to 185 lbs but more importantly from a 39” waist to a 35”. I can fit into 34’s. I like the way it looks but better the way it feels.

Lynn Hughes

148.8 this is the 3rd day below 150, so I am claiming 20 pounds off! Thankful and letting God carry me through some stress and health problems.

Kelly Baker

I am that silent Shibboleth member. I never post, probably should have. I have failed a million times but always kept moving. I am terrible at journaling, never done a challenge but always had faith in the program and God to get me through it. I have only showed my family this pic out of shame. I went thru a painful divorce last year and realized I wasn’t happy at all. I still have about 40 to go but today 65 down! it can be done. If I can anyone can!

Amanda Howard

Feeling so much better after 6 months on Shibboleth! Down 51.5 pounds. Down from size 18/20 to 10/12/14 (and even have one size 8 I can squeeze into) and a large/XL top from a 2X/3X. I am down to 40 units a day of insulin from 100+, all my lab numbers are within normal limits (get my exact numbers Thursday). My aches and pains are almost nonexistent now. I still have a long way to goal but I am going to get there!

‎Sandy Selby‎

I have finally done it, I dropped below 200! Not by much but it's the first time I've seen this number in more than 4 years! 24.4 pounds gone since January 1 and 14.6 of those have been lost during this challenge! I am so very proud of myself!

Steve Denton

So because of Shibboleth is my doctor, is no longer yelling at me because my cholesterol is too high!!! Now she is yelling at me because it’s now too low! Total cholesterol is now 88 down from 210 a year ago

Sylvan Darcie DeCoria

It's official! 40 lbs in 4 months. Bless the name of the Lord! Thanks to Melissa Ruth for posting her journey on Facebook and piqued my curiosity to try it!

Melissa Fritz Alvarado

67 pounds down in less than 6 months! I LOVE Shibboleth!!! Bless the name of the Lord!!

Karon Williams Brinkley

Great news! I have had husband on Shibboleth with me. His sugar today was less than 100 all 3 meals today. No sliding scale insulin in over a week. Praise God for Shibboleth!

Beth Miller Carnes

So today I went for my diabetes checkup. My A1C is 6.0 from 7.9 and if it’s to 5 in three months I can stop my Metformin all together. My “Why” was my blood sugars and I’m so grateful to this lifestyle for giving me the tools and supports to reach my goal!

‎Kristy Carmichael Hadaway‎

Went shopping today and I was so excited to be out of the plus sizes. Since October 29 I have gone from a size 18/20 in pants to a 12 and a 2X top to a large. I was discourage because the scales haven’t been moving as quickly as I would like them too but I will take the inches that I have lost and that I feel the best I have felt in years. I love Shibboleth and being on the planet. Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated but it’s the little things that really help!

Alice Lenorah Valentine

I am so amazed that in 3 weeks that in my family of 3, we have lost 49 pounds. I'm proud of my husband and son. They are on board with me!!!

Teresa McCutcheon

After being on Shibboleth eating plan for 21 days, I have lost 16 pounds. I am so excited!!

Paula Thweatt Lawson

So when I started this journey I never thought it would become a lifestyle. I am loving the Shibboleth way of living. 65 pounds gone forever!

Gwen Surrency

NSV! I’m excited! Just got test results. My cholesterol was 235 in August. Now it’s 167 which is normal. The good range is 0-199. My LDL was at 164 in August. Now it’s normal at 96. Normal LDL range is 0-129. And my triglycerides was 96, now it’s 73.

Julie Sorrells Sides

Today I hit my goal of 30lbs. 30.5 actually but I am going to try for 35 so I have a little wiggle room to maintain. If you think you can't, you are WRONG! I started on November 5th.

Ben Wheeler

Officially on the planet!!!! Wife, Evette, recommitted to the lifestyle in January so to help her not go crazy cooking lol, I started eating what she would. Wow, I didn’t realize what an effect this would really have on me. The more I saw results the more I realized what an awesome lifestyle this is. Be two full months next week and thanks to an early birthday gift from mother in law, Cleo Manley Lowery I am officially not just eating the Shibboleth way to help wife but officially for me too. 37 lbs down and more energy than I have seen in a while. So excited to learn my way

Melissa Durham Martin

I had a reflexology appointment last Saturday. She worked on my digestive system. When I pulled my shirt up she said whatever food program I am on is really working on the fat cells. She said she could tell a lot of fat is flushing out of my abdomen. I did my measurements today and sure enough, I have lost 11 inches & 5 of those have been in my waist. This is so motivating!!

Mark A Ramos

Thank God. I've been on planet Shibboleth for 12 weeks/3 months. I've lost 4 lbs this week. 72.4 total in 12 weeks. I'm grateful! People see a big difference in my appearance. Hope this gives hope.

Amanda Howard

Pulled my scale out this morning and I have hit exactly 50 pounds lost! I am so excited!!! And I was able to put on a pair of size 8 jeans!!! I LOVE Shibboleth and the life it has given me back. It is amazing! Not only I look better, but I feel so much better. My pain is minimal, my diabetes control is excellent, I sleep at night!! No higher blood pressure or cholesterol. I feel like a normal person!

‎Cindy West Cantrell‎

First bloodwork complete. Everything is wonderful. Fasting blood sugar was 89!! BOOM!! Thank you Shibboleth!!!

Tracey Ussery Mckee

I'm down 22 pounds and lost 4 inches from my waist since starting in January!!! Praise the name of the lord!!! I love this lifestyle!!!

Kevin Blevins

I had a yearly physical today. Due to my weight loss from 353.8 to 293.4, I was able to come off all prescription medications! I’m not even close to finished yet, but my motivation has never been higher. I thank my wife Emily Blevins for supporting me (she’s also killing it). Most of all I praise the name of the Lord!