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‎Angie Cross Franklin‎

12 days in, almost 10 pounds lost and I don’t know how many inches are gone! Y’all, this lifestyle is so easy! I don’t feel deprived of anything, which is a big deal to me! Feeling deprived was the reason all diets I have ever tried failed!!

‎Dana Hill Gibson‎

3 years ago I did the Peachtree and thought I was going to die at mile 2. I was hurting everywhere by the end of the race. Today I completed my 5th Peachtree ( I took 2 years off) and feel great! It is amazing how much more energy you have when you are not carrying around an extra 70 lbs. I was wearing an XL tank with tall and curvy leggings and today I had on a medium tank and medium shorts!! Thank you to everyone for all the support and help through my last year and a half journey! Maintenance never felt so good!

Rhonda Pack

I have PCOS. I signed up in Shibboleth early April. I went on vacation the next week and when we got home, I went grocery shopping and started eating right on April 2nd. I am down 33 pounds, and the inches have melted away. It’s so easy!!

Kaity Lankford

I have PCOS. I've been doing Shibboleth sine May 7. I'm down 31 pounds. It's so worth it!

Nickie Kile

I have PCOS and hypothyroidism. I've lost 64 pounds so far!

Kaye Owen Brown

I have PCOS , Hypothyroidism and Hashimotos. This plan works! Just stay with it.

Missy White

I have PCOS and have had INCREDIBLE success on Shibboleth! The best thing I've ever done! Most of my symptoms are gone. I lost 45 pounds in 4 months and have kept it off for 2 years. This is the PERFECT eating plan for insulin resistance/PCOS!

Amy Westbrook

I have PCOS. This is the first weight loss program I have tried that has actually been working for me. 42 pounds down since March 27.

Rhonda Kegerreis

I am 57 years old. One year ago I was 211 and had tried everything to lose weight. A friend introduced me to this program and I've lost 45 pounds.

Donna Carlson

I'm 57 maxed out at 250 lbs, 2 artificial knees, on meds for high blood pressure & cholesterol. Now no meds down 93 lbs!

Denice Morgan

Bless it be in the name of the Lord. Got my test results in today... drum roll plz...I’m no longer pre diabetic. In fact all my test results are normal!

Shawn Brooks

I'm off my knee meds and back meds because of this wonderful program!

Regina Lynn Harrison

As of today’s follow up at my doctor’s office, I am 33 pounds down and coming off from my BP meds! Hallelujah!

Rhonda Kegerreis

Today is my Shibboleth 1 year "birthday". Although I am not where I want to be, I am a whole lot better than where I was. However, some NSV' s: I have been able to participate in a couple 5Ks; I'm down 45 lbs and 2 sizes. One major one is I can actually cross my legs.

Lori Davila

Down 19 lbs since the end of April. I'm amazed. This is the only program in my entire life where I didn't struggle or fight with myself. I love it.

Geri Freigruber

I have to give the LORD a double praise today as I just got my blood work back from the doctor. Not only three months ago I was taken off Metformin for type 2 Diabetes but today my cholesterol, kidney function, sugar all came back all normal and no concerns whatsoever!!! She is now considering my removal of cholesterol medication!!!! My only medications left!!! This is the best news I could have received as this has been my hope!!! Thank you also Travis for being obedient to following thru and continuing to pursue this path to better health for all of us!!

Deanna Hewitt‎

This program is an answer to prayer. I'm now down 47 lbs. I would have never made it this far without you guys for support and the Lord showing Travis this program. I am so amazed at these results. Last night I ordered two outfits in sides I haven't seen in I couldn't tell you when. I look forward to maintenance, getting close but still a ways to go.

Kayla Jeffries Griggs

I have tried many weight loss programs over the years. I would lose some weight and then it would stop working for me. I was amazed at how fast the weight came off. As of June 21st, 2019 I have lost 131.4 lbs. I'm now at a healthy weight for me. When I started this I didn't think it would work for me, but boy did it ever! Praise God that Shibboleth works!!!!

Carissa Curran

From March 1 to June 20, I am down 63 pounds and have had fun doing it. I have struggled my entire life with weight and have never found something so fun and easy as this. Praise be to my great God!

Nancy Cameron Baggett

I had typed 2 diabetes. My A1C was at 7.0. After changing my lifestyle to Shibboleth and now after eight months on the program, my A1C is 5.2, no longer diabetic!

Amy Westbrook

I went to the doctor today to have my A1C checked again. 3 months ago, my A1C was a 9.8 and blood sugars were averaging in the high 200’s! Today, my blood sugars are very rarely getting over 100 and my A1C is a 6.0... y’all! A SIX POINT ZERO!!!!! in 3 months, I brought it down almost 4 points!!!! My doctor also cut my insulin in HALF!

Thelma Carnell

The support in this program is nothing short of amazing. It has totally changed my way of eating and has become my new lifestyle! I can't express my gratitude enough. My energy levels are off the chart and so is my new figure. Lol! I will never go back to where I've been. It's a new life, Baby! Maintaining and lovin' it!

Kendra Holcomb

Last year, I thought I had Platers Fasciitis, now I have no foot pain. I had arm pain and my hands tingled like poor circulation was occurring. I also have been a heart specialist for heart palpitations, which all my testing has shown no abnormalities since my weight loss. Everyone wants to look good, but there was more to it than that for me. I am thrilled about being in good health.

Lucianne Demers

I love being off all meds!! And going from size 12- 2 & 4’s!

‎Kristi Cook‎

In less than 10 months, I have lost over 100 lbs with Shibboleth. Shibboleth really works y’all! I thought it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Wish I had done it decades ago. 10 more lbs to go and I will be in Maintenance.

Stormcat Storm

As some of you know, I have been struggling with diabetes. A1c is a measure of how well blood glucose is controlled. It should be below 6. I was a 10 and close to insulin a year ago. I started Shibboleth, have lost 30 so far (not much), 40 to go, but the behavioral changes have been many. Today, my doctor said I was 5.7 (remarkable he said) and I am close to remission and can reduce some medications. Praise God he delivers a program, great friends and supports and his infinite blessings in helping me to change. Thank you all for your support. I am so excited. I feel blessed.

Mark A Ramos

Praise the Lord! I've lost 117.6 lbs in 7months!! Shibboleth program works if you live it.

Katie Burrell McGlamery

Y’all!!! Down 76.6 as of this morning since Jan 23rd! So thankful.

‎Dawn Mitchell Martin‎

My husband and I have been in the planet for 6 weeks! I’ve lost 16 pounds and he has lost 30!!! So thankful we were introduced to this program.

‎Lucianne Demers‎

I have to be humble & thank the Lord as I was 164.5 pounds and now am down to 128 pounds, that’s 36.5 pounds I lost since 10/31/2018! And off all blood pressure and other medications!!