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Deb Hughes

I got it!!! 50 down and I think I’ll try for 50 more!! So thankful for Shibboleth and all my Shibboleth family!! Thank you, Travis Martin, Jason Whitener, Kim Dahnke and all the rest of the Shibboleth team for leading me to where I am now. I can do all things through Him!!

‎Kelly L Bond‎

I would never have guessed that I could ever hike. Thanks to Shibboleth and the weight loss I have overcome the fear I can’t do it! Because I can!

Rachel Stargell Mathis‎

I originally joined in 2017. I lost 38 lbs. I didn’t start tracking until I lost half of that. Really wished I had tracked everything prior to that. I lost more inches than anything so don’t let the scale discourage you. It really is a lifestyle because I learned how to make better food choices after I’ve gotten off track and need to restart! This plan really is a blessing!

Judi LeGrande Renshaw

On May 13, 2019, I started my Shibboleth journey. I found out I was no longer type 2 diabetic and came off my meds. My physician suggested I try Shibboleth to make sure I could keep my A1C in the non-diabetic range. I said no more DIEting, but my sweet cousin Kerri kept urging me to try Shibboleth. I gave in and by November 13th, I got my 50-Pound Badge and on November 20th, I hit my goal weight. I’ve gained some “quarantine” weight, but I’m back at it and will hit my goal weight soon. That’s what I like about my Shibby life... I’m human and I’ll take holidays and gain a little... But I know how to get right back to a weight where I feel comfortable!! Thanks Kerri King!! Thanks Travis Martinand the whole Shibboleth Team!! ????And Happy Shibboleth Birthday to me????

Mike Robson

I started my Shibboleth journey back on August of 2018. I was around 308 lbs. I lost 70 lbs with Shibboleth over the next year. I have maintained somewhere between 50-55 lbs lost. I just wanted to say, "Hello" to everyone and say it's ok if you've gained a little weight back. Remember your WHY. Shibboleth does work. It is sustainable and even after almost 2 years, I love this lifestyle. Press On! You can do it!

‎Stacy Fowler‎

I've lost exactly 24.4 lbs since I signed up for the Shibboleth lifestyle change and 18.8 inches of my body fat. I am so proud of myself and I think I look great to be honest. But still got 32 lbs more to go. My starting weight is 217. Now, 192.8

Stacy Fowler‎

Thanks to my sister Cynthia Brent for introducing me and my hubby to the Shibboleth lifestyle change. I have lost 20 lbs since we started it. Starting weight is 217. Now, I weigh 197 lbs.

‎Lynn Mullens Nugent

So excited to report my NSV. My jeans were getting loose again so I decided to purchase a new pair online and figured if they didn't fit, that they would soon. Well, guess what? They fit! (Size 10). So excited!! God is good!! (16 1/2 pounds to go.)

‎Shelby Ridley Stamps

So happy and blessed on how far my husband and I have come since starting this amazing lifestyle change! I have so far lost 40 pounds and have already reached a weight I haven't seen since early highschool. Thank you so much for this plan and the support you all have given me!! ♥️ Cannot wait to reach my final goal weight and keeping this amazing healthy lifestyle.

‎Tammie Reddish‎

I became a Shibboleth lifetime member March 5th. 1st picture. 33 days later, I'm down 17 pounds. I honestly couldn't see any difference until my daughter took my picture today. I can't say enough about my new lifestyle. I've still got a long way to go but I know I will get there. Travis Martin and Kim Dahnke, THANK YOU for all you do! #shibbolethforhisglory

‎Tosha Rushin‎

Haven’t posted in quite a while but I am down 80 lbs since Jan 28th 2019. Go me! I am losing while on maintenance. Woohoo!

‎Kayla Wallace‎

A combined 112 lbs lost since New Year’s Day! We could not be more thankful for this program and all the amazing support that comes with it. We still have a ways to go but we are definitely happier than we were the day we started!

‎Jeanine Gross Floyd‎

Collectively we have lost 88 pounds???? since January 6th. We are still a work in progress but we are so thankful for Shibboleth and our journey to a more healthy us.

Kim Dahnke

NSV! I gave away my entire closet of clothes and went shopping! It was fun.

Marcy Morris Smith

NSV! I fit into some jeans I couldn't wear last year and a shirt I couldn't button across my stomach.

Suzi Weaver Massey

NSV. I tried on new work pants today and I was surprised to see I am in a size 14! I was an 18/20 in August!

Cristy Prince Greeson

Another NSV for me. You ladies know those cute boutique vests that everyone wears this time of year? Well they never EVER come in extra large and I’ve always been too big to wear the large ones. Well, I bought one last week and the large was too big!!

Shawn Brooks

I weighed almost 300 lbs and was on serious back meds. I've lost 64 pounds and not taking my back meds.

Lynn Bell Beck

I was on medication like others for diabetes type 2 when I started. Now I'm off the meds and when last checked, my A1C was 5.1.

Angie Osment

My dad has been doing Shibboleth for two weeks now and his sugar before was anywhere from 260-up. Now it’s anywhere from 103-130. He is still on meds but will be going to the DR’s soon and I’m sure they will be regulating them.

Pam Price

Was type 2 diabetic. Off all meds plus other health issues to weight .. no more!!!! Plus I have thyroid problems and still lose weight.

Donna Marie Back

I’m off all diabetic medication since starting this lifestyle.

Cleo Manley Lowery

I was taking 2 -80mg glyipride, 2-500 mg metformin and 59 units of lantus. When I started Shibboleth, my sugar was still running around 230’s. After doing Shibboleth, now only taking 1-500 mg metformin once a day and sugar running between 110-130 as long as I stay on the program.

Heather Sylvester

I was prediabetic when I started Shibboleth and had started taking metformin. Within 2 weeks of eating perfect, I had to stop taking metformin because my sugar was dropping too low. The way I was eating was doing what my body should do without pills! My doctor was impressed!

Darrell Dorn

Cholesterol down 43 points!

Rhonda Pack

When I started in Apri,l I was border line type 2 diabetic and as of two weeks ago, not even close!!

Regina Cloud

My triglycerides were through the roof and cholesterol was too high to calculate. That is why I decided to start Shibboleth. Went to doctor a week ago, and all labs were back to normal. I have also lost weight so that is definitely a plus!!!

Darlene Walker Cowart

No more blood pressure meds!! At the time of starting Shibboleth, I was being told in addition to the existing bp meds, I also needed cholesterol meds. Lost 30 lbs. on Shibboleth and both (bp and cholesterol) are now perfectly normal. Praising God for this program and everyone following God's call on their life to share it.

Kevin Devane

Ok, today was my check up. I quit all my meds month and a half ago. I've lost 75 pounds. The doctor check my blood work and I am officially off all my meds by doctors orders and have reversed my full blown diabetes by diet only "SIBBOLETH".

Tera Veniskey

NSV - Dr took me off my insulin a month ago and my blood sugars are better than ever because of Shibboleth. I love this program and I love not having to take 4 shots a day anymore. I never thought this would happen. I'm one happy lady. Thank you God and Shibboleth.