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Missy Barrett

Today is a Victory! I reached a huge goal. 100 lbs GONE! 125 lb badge....I'm coming for you!

Heather Czarnecke‎

Today marks 4 months since starting my Shibboleth lifestyle and I am down 36.6 lbs!! I am loving my results and have never experienced this kind success with weight loss! Funny that my scale hasn’t moved in 4 days (I wanted so badly to hit the 40lb loss by my 4 month mark) but I’m ok with it, bc I had a huge NSV on Tuesday when I was able to fit into my 13 yo daughters jeans ???? Here’s to the journey and more weight loss!!

‎Hannah Squires‎

Officially hit 40lbs gone since starting Shibboleth! I managed to lose 20lbs and then I got stuck again. A friend/coworker told me about Shibboleth and I started the program in March of this year. I have had to get all new uniforms and I'm about to ask for a smaller duty belt for the 2nd time! 60lbs total gone forever! 20lbs to go till I hit my goal!

‎Cari Smith Bradshaw‎

I haven't posted in a while. The last time I posted pictures I had lost 40 pounds. I am down 60 lbs. I have been for a while but never posted before and after pictures. Today we went whitewater rafting. It was so much fun! I dont think I would ever have had the confidence to do it without having lost the weight. Now we go on all kinds of adventures. I love Shibboleth and the freedom it has given me!!!

Jeff Hollis

I have to give all thanks to God this morning. 2019 was a very difficult time for me health wise. I am type 2 diabetic, I suffered congestive heart failure and was diagnosed with AFib. I had 2 cardio versions and a cardio ablation. I was seeing sugar levels above 200 even fasting. In the Shibboleth Planet that is a sure sign to call a MAYDAY!! Thank you God for landing me on this planet. I started on December 30th with my wife. I am already down close to 10 lbs. but my victory is my surgar levels have gone down from 192 on the 30th to an average of 122 and my lows being pre diabetic levels!! I am a believer in this program. I can’t wait to get off meds for good ( I’m on 7 different ones!)and to reach my goals. Bless this ministry for all you are doing for changing people’s lives!

Scott Jones

It has been an amazing journey, and I will continue! I've went from a pants size of 44 waist to a 32! I am now completely off my blood pressure medications, and have more energy than I have in years.

Evie Sutton Nash

I can already tell a difference in the way I breathe. I had so much around my neck I had got to where I could not breathe that great. I went to my doctor this week and my A1C was lower than it has been in a while. My cholesterol was much lower. Yeah, she put me on a low dose blood pressure medication, but I am claiming not for long in Jesus' name. Thank you God and thank you Shibboleth.

Misty Horton Brown

My daughters started Shibboleth last month and have all done very well. We have been dragging our husbands along with us. They don’t do it as strictly. My husband has been on BP meds for 20+ years even though he’s always been relatively thin and active. Currently, he eats what I make for breakfast and dinner. This morning he had his check up. The doctor was so impressed with his weight and BP that they will begin the process of taking him off BP meds. #amazing #shibboleth #toGodbethegloryType a message

Bonita Crowe

"Health" was my purpose for joining Shibboleth & it's happening! Woohoo! I just earned my 10% WL Badge! Double woohoo! I just had an appointment with my endocrinologist. He always compares current lab results with the last. My cholesterol is now 170 & was 236! Every "abnormal high" & "abnormal low" from the last test has improved &/or is now "normal". My thyroid med is being reduced. I'm so PROUD ...... my doctor is too!

Jenny Gentry

As part of our end-of-term "debriefing" requirements, we have to see our missionary doctor for physicals. I haven't seen him since our last term in 2014. Since then, and due to my efforts following the Shibby lifestyle, not only has my weight gone down, but so has my cholesterol level, my blood pressure, and my sugar level (although I was never diabetic)! I still have a way to go -- doubly, as I've pretty much been run over by the wagon during these last couple months. But I KNOW what I need to do, and I have the REASON to do it. It IS making a HUGE impact on my overall health, and, in reality, is saving my life. THANK YOU ALL!

Tenicha Grissom

Doctor has cut my last blood pressure mg in half! Next step is to be taken completely off! #winning!

Brian Smith

Exactly a month ago, I had to see a specialist because of liver issues. After several tests, he said that things didn't look good, and that I needed to lose a lot of weight if I wanted to stop, and hopefully reverse, the damage to my liver. That day, I rejoined Shibboleth. I had been away from the lifestyle for several years (Don't ask me why, I don't know.) Today, at my follow-up appointment, the Doctor looked at my weight, and couldn't believe that I had lost 23 lbs in one month. I have never had a doctor be that happy with me about anything, and it sure felt good. He said "whatever you're doing, you keep doing!" I need to lose 37 more lbs to make him happy, but another 50 will make me happy. Really glad to be back with you guys. This could honestly save my life.

Bob Farris

So ... my motivation for starting this journey was to not have to take more blood pressure medication. Doctor said 180 /100 was too high, and unless I lost 30 lbs, more meds were inevitable. Today, I am almost 60 lbs down, and BP was........ 117/67. I may be able to get off the current meds now!! So grateful for the healthy #Shibboleth lifestyle.

Lynne Hodnett Byers

So thankful for the Shibboleth program. I started on the program on March 6. I weighed 148 lbs. I know some of you might not think that is much, but for someone who is 4'11' i looked dumpy and had more rolls around my middle than i wanted. For years i have been told that i had border-diabetes. My A1C had gotten up to 6.1. I went to the hospital doctor this morning. My weight is 126.8. My A1C is 5.6 and im NO LONGER considered borderline diabetic! I have more energy. I also have a slight case of asthma, but my breathing has improved tremendously. When my husband passed away 6-1/2 years ago i gained 20 lbs. and could never seem to get rid of it. Thank you so much to Shibboleth i no longer have that 20 extra lbs to carry around. I sing your praises to anyone that wants to lose weight. Our God is so good all the time.

Gretta Cardwell

NSV - Today was the first time in over 10 years I have worn shorts. I have been so uncomfortable and self conscious I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t even have any that fit, so I bought some a few weeks ago. It feels good to have sun on my legs! ???????? Praise the Lord! Thank you Shibboleth!

Barbie Rhodes Gerald

NSV-went to the doctor for a checkup and I am officially off my cholesterol medicine! She was amazed with my weight loss so I got to share my Shibboleth journey with her. ❤️

Angie Whitten

Just wanted to give a praise report!! I went last week for lab work. I am a diabetic and have struggled for years with very high A1C. When I went in January it was down from last year # to 9.9 ..... (I don’t even want to think about how bad it was) but when I got my results this week after starting Shibboleth the end of January my current A1C was 6.2!!!! ???? The doctor told me I could stop taking one of my diabetic medications and I am completely off of my blood pressure medicine!! I had lost a little bit before joining shibboleth but have had much greater success with this new lifestyle!! I have finally reached 50 lb weight loss. Thank you Lord!!! ❤️ ???? I am still struggling daily with cravings but for the most part staying strong!

‎Michele Ballard‎

Today has been 9 months on Shibboleth and I'm down 95 lbs???? so blessed!

‎Laura Cannon Graves

I joined in November 2018 and this is probably my first post on here. It’s not a lot but to me it is, 30lbs down and I’ve kept it off for a year now if not longer. I had tried everything to get it off before trying Shibboleth.

Debbie Stafford- Miller‎

Today I hit my 50 pounds lost!!!! We asked God to heal our bodies and minds to take away any addictions to food and HE has. I still have 32 pounds to go but I will do it and weigh everyday never to regain any of this weight. My daughter has lost over 60lbs and Ryan has lost 28. To God be all the glory!! Thank you Travis Martin and Sasha Martin. I am a life that has been changed forever.

Megan Mathis‎

Fit comfortably into a size 8! I never thought I would see this day again... From shirt sizes being a 2xl to a medium / pants size 18/20 to an 8! I’m so excited ???? y’all don’t know how happy this makes me & how awesome I feel! Almost to my goal! ????57lbs down!

‎Kelly L Bond‎

I would never have guessed that I could ever hike. Thanks to Shibboleth and the weight loss. I have overcome the fear I can’t do it! Because I can!

Hannah Frank‎

I am so thankful for the Lord allowing us to hear about shibboleth. My husband is down 75 lbs since we started about 4 months ago maybe. I have never been able to loose weight after kids but eating the shibboleth way I have lost almost 20lbs!!!! All that baby weight!!! And I just want to thank the Lord for helping us with it! This is the only thing we’ve been able to do consistently and loose weight and we love it!

Shelby Ridley Stamps

My husband and I hit our final goal weight!! I have officially lost a little over 50 pounds and he has lost almost 60. We both weigh less than what we did before we first met. So proud of my husband and I for how far we have come and the fact we were able to do it together. ❤️

Deb Hughes

I got it!!! 50 down and I think I’ll try for 50 more!! So thankful for Shibboleth and all my Shibboleth family!! Thank you, Travis Martin, Jason Whitener, Kim Dahnke and all the rest of the Shibboleth team for leading me to where I am now. I can do all things through Him!!

‎Kelly L Bond‎

I would never have guessed that I could ever hike. Thanks to Shibboleth and the weight loss I have overcome the fear I can’t do it! Because I can!

Rachel Stargell Mathis‎

I originally joined in 2017. I lost 38 lbs. I didn’t start tracking until I lost half of that. Really wished I had tracked everything prior to that. I lost more inches than anything so don’t let the scale discourage you. It really is a lifestyle because I learned how to make better food choices after I’ve gotten off track and need to restart! This plan really is a blessing!

Judi LeGrande Renshaw

On May 13, 2019, I started my Shibboleth journey. I found out I was no longer type 2 diabetic and came off my meds. My physician suggested I try Shibboleth to make sure I could keep my A1C in the non-diabetic range. I said no more DIEting, but my sweet cousin Kerri kept urging me to try Shibboleth. I gave in and by November 13th, I got my 50-Pound Badge and on November 20th, I hit my goal weight. I’ve gained some “quarantine” weight, but I’m back at it and will hit my goal weight soon. That’s what I like about my Shibby life... I’m human and I’ll take holidays and gain a little... But I know how to get right back to a weight where I feel comfortable!! Thanks Kerri King!! Thanks Travis Martinand the whole Shibboleth Team!! ????And Happy Shibboleth Birthday to me????

Mike Robson

I started my Shibboleth journey back on August of 2018. I was around 308 lbs. I lost 70 lbs with Shibboleth over the next year. I have maintained somewhere between 50-55 lbs lost. I just wanted to say, "Hello" to everyone and say it's ok if you've gained a little weight back. Remember your WHY. Shibboleth does work. It is sustainable and even after almost 2 years, I love this lifestyle. Press On! You can do it!

‎Stacy Fowler‎

I've lost exactly 24.4 lbs since I signed up for the Shibboleth lifestyle change and 18.8 inches of my body fat. I am so proud of myself and I think I look great to be honest. But still got 32 lbs more to go. My starting weight is 217. Now, 192.8