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Stephanie Mae

After almost giving up on losing weight, a dear friend had me go to a simple class that changed everything for the better! I'm now down 101 lbs and that is all thanks to the tools that I learned with this wonderful program! Shibboleth works!!!

‎Ginnie Brown Vaughn

So excited to be on this planet. In my mid 30’s and diagnosed with PCOS and low thyroid, I finally have something that makes the scale trend downwards. Still have 30 lbs to go, but I’m confident I can do it!

Jay and Fosteine Crider

Shibboleth has changed my life! My wife, Fosteine Crider and I joined Shibboleth on June 24th. Together we have lost 87 pounds in 82 days! I'm thankful for all of the encouragement we have received from our Shibboleth family! I'm now able to enjoy life with my wife and children like I did 20 years ago! God has the perfect plan for each of our lives! I'm thankful I found the "perfect pairing" Shibboleth and me!

Chelsea Himes Wall

5 months on Shibboleth. 45 pounds gone. Less than 1 pound of excess body fat and 9 pounds to go until I hit my goal weight! I love this plan. I love the people that encouraged me from day 1!

Diane Miller Vann

I reached my first goal today and 20 lbs. gone!! All since July 15th BUT that was with a month of doctor ordered Synthroid withdrawal!! I'm excited to lose the other 25 lbs now that I can take my Synthroid again! :) Oh yeah, already halved my cholesterol medicine! Working on blood pressure and diabetes meds next!

Ricky Taylor

I started January 8th at 230 lbs. I stay around 188.to 190 now. Getting motivated to lose a little more soon but have maintained this for the last 3 months. So thankful for this program! This surely has changed my life.

Amy Foran

I could cry tears of joy, y'all! On June 1st this year, my fasting blood sugar was 209 and it didn't see like that was likely to change! Then I moved to Planet Shibboleth and I've had 97, REGULARLY! The scale is moving downward, but I would stay on the Planet for this reason alone. I call it my Shibboleth Blood Sugar Miracle! Bless the Name of the Lord!

Cindy West Cantrell

Children say the sweetest things at times. In my 26 year career in Education, I have discovered that they can also be brutally honest. Yesterday as I was busy in the office one of my coworkers, who also has a daughter at the school relayed this message. She said, mom, Ms Cantrell looks FANTASTIC! I knew what the scale and my clothes were telling me, but this was enough to bring tears... My "Why" solidified, ripping off the knob...I'm in this for keeps!

Debra Garland Mcentire

Down 30 lbs in about 6-7 weeks. I thought I couldn’t lose weight at my age, but I did!