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‎Lynn Mullens Nugent

So excited to report my NSV. My jeans were getting loose again so I decided to purchase a new pair online and figured if they didn't fit, that they would soon. Well, guess what? They fit! (Size 10). So excited!! God is good!! (16 1/2 pounds to go.)

‎Shelby Ridley Stamps

So happy and blessed on how far my husband and I have come since starting this amazing lifestyle change! I have so far lost 40 pounds and have already reached a weight I haven't seen since early highschool. Thank you so much for this plan and the support you all have given me!! ♥️ Cannot wait to reach my final goal weight and keeping this amazing healthy lifestyle.

‎Tammie Reddish‎

I became a Shibboleth lifetime member March 5th. 1st picture. 33 days later, I'm down 17 pounds. I honestly couldn't see any difference until my daughter took my picture today. I can't say enough about my new lifestyle. I've still got a long way to go but I know I will get there. Travis Martin and Kim Dahnke, THANK YOU for all you do! #shibbolethforhisglory

‎Tosha Rushin‎

Haven’t posted in quite a while but I am down 80 lbs since Jan 28th 2019. Go me! I am losing while on maintenance. Woohoo!

‎Kayla Wallace‎

A combined 112 lbs lost since New Year’s Day! We could not be more thankful for this program and all the amazing support that comes with it. We still have a ways to go but we are definitely happier than we were the day we started!

‎Jeanine Gross Floyd‎

Collectively we have lost 88 pounds???? since January 6th. We are still a work in progress but we are so thankful for Shibboleth and our journey to a more healthy us.

Kim Dahnke

NSV! I gave away my entire closet of clothes and went shopping! It was fun.

Marcy Morris Smith

NSV! I fit into some jeans I couldn't wear last year and a shirt I couldn't button across my stomach.

Suzi Weaver Massey

NSV. I tried on new work pants today and I was surprised to see I am in a size 14! I was an 18/20 in August!