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Russell Pierce

I have finally achieved my goal weight of 165 lbs. Dropped 86 lbs. PTL! I am still trying to gauge sizes in my clothes to fit right. I went from a 46 waist to a 34, and from a 3xl shirt to a xl shirt. I have lost a total of 54 inches. Shibboleth has made a tremendous difference in mine and my wife's lives. Also, I am off of my BP meds, and cholesterol meds. My wife is off hers as well, plus she is off of her diabetes meds too.

Stephen Griggs

I made it! From 234.8 lbs on July 1 to 184.8 lbs today. 50 lbs down and officially in maintenance. PTL! WHOOP WHOOP!!

Angie Bearden-Miller Maltz

Today, at my doctors appointment, my A1c has dropped again and is no longer considered to be near the pre-diabetic range as it was a year ago at my wellness visit. Then, when she went to measure my waist and told me what it was, I told her that couldn’t be right. I had her measure it again and she said she measured the same thing, so I pulled out my Shibboleth assessment from little over a week ago to check what it was then and my waist today measured seven inches smaller!

Russell Pierce

I have finally achieved my goal weight of 165 lbs. Dropped 86 lbs. PTL!

Donna Price Vaughn

So happy!!! Went for my yearly physical today. After loosing 20lbs, my A1C dropped to 6!!! My Dr took me off one of my diabetic medications. Hopefully when I loose 30 more, I’ll be able to drop more and drop my high blood pressure meds. She was extremely happy!! Love living the life!!

Debra Garland Mcentire

I am down 51 lbs sine July 3rd. I am so happy! Shibboleth works! I truly am thankful for this program and the wonderful team that’s here to help us. I can walk so much better it’s like I have been given a new life! I still have a ways to go but I am so happy to be here! I praise God!

‎Sondra Duane McCarty‎

I wanted to share that the Shibboleth program works. I have been in maintenance for a year. I never wanted my picture taken before Shibboleth. When you focus on your goals, nothing is impossible! I was down 53 lbs this morning.

Amanda Howard‎

Shibboleth is amazing. I do not feel like I am on a diet and the inches are melting! My health is better, my diabetes is much better controlled, my body doesn't ache and I don't need BP or cholesterol/triglyceride medications. I feel better than I have felt in years and I am on my way to my goal of being fabulous at 50!

Laura Petersen

Just wanna say I'm in tears. Happy tears. I have type 2 diabetes and my sugar is always high. Today I checked it before lunch because I felt a bit lightheaded and it was 114. Before dinner 117. Good range!!!! I'm always in the 200's. Lowering my blood sugar was my main goal for this challenge. I've been praying and God answered.