Kendra Beasley

1.6 pounds away from my goal weight...which I will be changing once I hit it. Never imagined I could lose 30 pounds...much less 60.... and I’m not stopping here!!! Thank you Lord for your help through this journey. Thank you LeAnn Avans Brown for pushing me to Shibboleth. Thank you Shibboleth for changing my life!

Denise Heath

I’m so grateful for Shibboleth! It was a bright spot in 2020 for me, and God used it to change my life! If you’re still on the weight loss journey, keep on keepin’ on! If you’re in maintenance like I am, continue to make healthy choices and share with others.

Jen Heiskell

NSV....I have began to clean out clothes...finally buying some to fit me. Realizing that for the first time in my life I am enjoying shopping for clothes!!! I have discovered that I have gone from a 3x/2x (depending on fit) to a med/small!!! Med was my goal but in all honesty thought it was unattainable for me....THANK GOD, HE PROVED ME WRONG. He has blessed me with more through this program than I ever thought possible... From the program itself, all I am learning about me, the amazing people he is using in my life and most of all he is making me stronger in him and for him!! #BlessGodForever

Debbie Reynolds Heininger

NSV: I had to try on 4 pairs of jeans before I found one that fit!!!! Haven't worn these 13 years!!!!!

Nikki Jackson

Nsv: My 10 year old daughter zipped up with me in a jacket that used to be tight!

Ronda Frank

NSV: y'all, I made a plate of teriyaki chicken (from the approved library) and steamed broccoli...I used the two hand portion rule... Here's where it gets good...I could only eat HALF! When I felt full I STOPPED EATING!!! usually I eat until my plate is clean but today I was so full off of so little!!

Gina M Hall Brazinski

NSV today- this text from my hubby. I'm at 20 pounds baby. I can't believe it. So glad you got me started on this lifestyle.

Tabitha N Rich Flickinger

NSV today. Last month I went to borrow Rich’s belt like I have many times and I couldn’t even hook the first hole. I was so shocked and mad at myself. Well we been doing really good for a couple of weeks so I tried it today and I got it to the fourth hole!

Angela Cooper

50 days of what we call perfect days on Shibboleth, I haven’t made it 50 days in like years! 2013 to be exact! No sugar in 50 days. My goal is to look and feel much better by the time I turn 50 in December! 30 lbs gone and lots more work to do. Working from the inside out this time around! Giving God all the honor and praise. I can do nothing without him. Thank you Travis Martin for the program that works for me and thousands of others. So glad to be back on planet Shibboleth.