Angela Richardson

This program being a ministry first and weight loss is a huge blessing in my life. Shibboleth has changed my complete view of food. How d 1st in my life then Shibboleth's 2nd. I appreciate y'all more than you will ever know!!!

Kaitie Fain Smith

I started my journey at 214 lbs on August 26. Today, I am 183lbs. Thank you, Shibboleth, for helping me, encouraging me, and inspiring me to be the best version of myself! 31lbs down and looking forward to more!

Jenny Garner Hester

What a journey this year has been. Started during quarantine because I knew I was only going to gain if I didn’t. I have hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, and PCOS. I'm a slow loser but 45 lbs down so far ???? and so very thankful to be back in 14/16’s, was wearing a 22/24. Everyday is a new chance to try and be better than I was yesterday.

Bertley Bernard

I am so excited because today I received my Shibboleth Tshirt for losing 10% of my body weight, that is big for me. When I joined Shibboleth I was trying to work the program but was still not fully in. In November 2019 I got a lifetime membership and decided to give it all I have. I fall short a few times but got up and did it again. In November I weighed 230lbs today I weigh 205.6lbs. Guys this is major for me I had not been that weight in 34 years. Thanks to the team at Shibboleth for all you do your efforts are long reaching.

UB and Melanie Eubanks

3 years ago today we began on this lifestyle journey. Yes, it was hard at first, but as the weight came off it became easier to focus on what we could have. I lost 85 lbs and Ub lost 60. We have traveled 9 out of the last 18 months and maintained our goal weight. I'm sharing this to encourage anyone who is struggling. This is a very doable lifestyle. We are so thankful for Travis Martin and each and every member of this group.

Deborah McCary Smith

I ran across a picture from a few years ago and almost died!! I didn’t realize I looked that big and tired and swollen from eating anything and everything! Thank God for Shibboleth and 80 lbs lost, and longer hair ????????????.

Missy Barrett

Today is a Victory! I reached a huge goal. 100 lbs GONE! 125 lb badge....I'm coming for you!

Heather Czarnecke‎

Today marks 4 months since starting my Shibboleth lifestyle and I am down 36.6 lbs!! I am loving my results and have never experienced this kind success with weight loss! Funny that my scale hasn’t moved in 4 days (I wanted so badly to hit the 40lb loss by my 4 month mark) but I’m ok with it, bc I had a huge NSV on Tuesday when I was able to fit into my 13 yo daughters jeans ???? Here’s to the journey and more weight loss!!

‎Hannah Squires‎

Officially hit 40lbs gone since starting Shibboleth! I managed to lose 20lbs and then I got stuck again. A friend/coworker told me about Shibboleth and I started the program in March of this year. I have had to get all new uniforms and I'm about to ask for a smaller duty belt for the 2nd time! 60lbs total gone forever! 20lbs to go till I hit my goal!