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Debbie Stafford- Miller‎

Today I hit my 50 pounds lost!!!! We asked God to heal our bodies and minds to take away any addictions to food and HE has. I still have 32 pounds to go but I will do it and weigh everyday never to regain any of this weight. My daughter has lost over 60lbs and Ryan has lost 28. To God be all the glory!! Thank you Travis Martin and Sasha Martin. I am a life that has been changed forever.

Megan Mathis‎

Fit comfortably into a size 8! I never thought I would see this day again... From shirt sizes being a 2xl to a medium / pants size 18/20 to an 8! I’m so excited ???? y’all don’t know how happy this makes me & how awesome I feel! Almost to my goal! ????57lbs down!

‎Kelly L Bond‎

I would never have guessed that I could ever hike. Thanks to Shibboleth and the weight loss. I have overcome the fear I can’t do it! Because I can!

Hannah Frank‎

I am so thankful for the Lord allowing us to hear about shibboleth. My husband is down 75 lbs since we started about 4 months ago maybe. I have never been able to loose weight after kids but eating the shibboleth way I have lost almost 20lbs!!!! All that baby weight!!! And I just want to thank the Lord for helping us with it! This is the only thing we’ve been able to do consistently and loose weight and we love it!

Shelby Ridley Stamps

My husband and I hit our final goal weight!! I have officially lost a little over 50 pounds and he has lost almost 60. We both weigh less than what we did before we first met. So proud of my husband and I for how far we have come and the fact we were able to do it together. ❤️

Deb Hughes

I got it!!! 50 down and I think I’ll try for 50 more!! So thankful for Shibboleth and all my Shibboleth family!! Thank you, Travis Martin, Jason Whitener, Kim Dahnke and all the rest of the Shibboleth team for leading me to where I am now. I can do all things through Him!!

‎Kelly L Bond‎

I would never have guessed that I could ever hike. Thanks to Shibboleth and the weight loss I have overcome the fear I can’t do it! Because I can!

Rachel Stargell Mathis‎

I originally joined in 2017. I lost 38 lbs. I didn’t start tracking until I lost half of that. Really wished I had tracked everything prior to that. I lost more inches than anything so don’t let the scale discourage you. It really is a lifestyle because I learned how to make better food choices after I’ve gotten off track and need to restart! This plan really is a blessing!

Judi LeGrande Renshaw

On May 13, 2019, I started my Shibboleth journey. I found out I was no longer type 2 diabetic and came off my meds. My physician suggested I try Shibboleth to make sure I could keep my A1C in the non-diabetic range. I said no more DIEting, but my sweet cousin Kerri kept urging me to try Shibboleth. I gave in and by November 13th, I got my 50-Pound Badge and on November 20th, I hit my goal weight. I’ve gained some “quarantine” weight, but I’m back at it and will hit my goal weight soon. That’s what I like about my Shibby life... I’m human and I’ll take holidays and gain a little... But I know how to get right back to a weight where I feel comfortable!! Thanks Kerri King!! Thanks Travis Martinand the whole Shibboleth Team!! ????And Happy Shibboleth Birthday to me????