One Year Anniversary! Before: 191lbs, size 16 pants, xl shirt Today: 131lbs, size 6 pants, sm shirt As I signed up for Shibboleth I stared at my computer screen when it said to fill in my goal weight. That was a hard one. A number popped in my head and I told myself, "No, that's unreasonable. You can usually hold 150lbs, the best for your age (55) and height (5'2"). Don't set yourself up for disappointment." But I knew I should do it. Something told me, "Trust me." My husband even said, "Don't try hard to get "skinny". I get that. He didn't want me to feel compelled to "have to be a certain weight." But this time, after staring at that blank a long time, I finally put that number in, 130lb goal weight. My first 40lbs came off in only 4 months. Then my husband wanted to join โ€ฆ

I hope this will encourage others to continue the journey, especially those of us that have developed type 2 diabetes. This program works! *1-year comparison. Purple, 9/1/2021 Grey 9/1/22 Shirt 3x vs XL 268 vs 216 Measurements Neck 16 then 14.5 now Waist 54 then 47 now Bust 55 then 45.5 now Hips 58 then 51 now A1C 9.6 then 6 now I'm not done yet. I am very thankful that God put Tabitha Rogers in my life and she nudged me to join.. It has literally saved my life no doubt.

Addiction is addiction .... claim your victory through Jesus Christ!!! He has given me the power to kick my addiction to food !! Praise God! I do not feel the need to overindulge EVERYDAY. Gluttony is a sin. A sin I was convicted of. Proud to say I'm down over 60 + pounds! My Dad always said you could do whatever you put your mind to. I know he would be proud of me Shibboleth was the tool God provided for me to take control of my life. I no longer have foot pain, no longer feel irregular heart rhythms, and no longer take prescription medication for acid reflux!

I share a lot because I get really excited ๐Ÿ˜† and I feel led to put this out there today. For anyone just starting out or midstream and struggling; I have been there! I WAS THERE for 7 months because I was not ready for maintenance. I wasn’t strong enough. But Listen- you got this! You are here for such a time as this. This program is a God thing!!! -Renew your mind. -Remember your why. -If it’s not motivating enough, self-examine yourself and change it. You started this Weight Loss Ministry for a reason. -BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND KNOW YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! It’s not always easy but it’s always doable if you can push through and resist the DIET DEVIL & FOMO! Look at it as •Resistance Training• which is painful at the time but making you stronger ๐Ÿ’ช!!! The more you’re on plan, the more you want โ€ฆ

I never thought I'd share these publicly, but here we are. There may be someone out there who needs to read and see this.๐Ÿ’œWhen I look at these "before" and "in progress" photos, I'm reminded that I chose my health 6 months ago and gave myself the best gift.๐ŸŽ I was never one to get down on myself because of my weight (because I love to eat!), but I always knew it wasn't healthy and I was often so uncomfortable in my body. I'm down 40 lbs and 23.25 inches total!๐Ÿ˜ฎ I'm amazed at how my body has transformed physically, how I can move and not be in pain, and how I've stopped fidgeting with my clothing all day. THIS is success to me. I'm down from size 16/18 (sometimes 20), 2X tops and wide width shoes to size 14s, large tops and narrower shoes. Sizes are weird though, so โ€ฆ

I signed up for Shibboleth on Feb 28 2019. I did the Cliff note version of picking recipes and going through the motions of following parts of the program. I didn't "have time" to watch all those videos and really learn the program. I lost a few pounds along the way but would soon put it back on. What I found to be consistent were all the folks who were committed to the plan posting their impressive weight loss. Finally, early in 2021, I made a promise to myself to watch Fast Track and take the tests and learn as much as my head could hold. I didn't make a lot of "noise" about my commitment to eat healthily and lose weight because I have spent most of my life "dieting", losing and gaining the same weight. I felt that the world looked at me and thought "here she goes โ€ฆ

What a difference a year makes! Last Easter, both Kim and I were overweight and unhealthy. We are so thankful that we learned about and have effectively used the Shibboleth lifestyle! It’s amazing that combined together, Kim and I have lost over 125 pounds. We both feel so much better. I reached my goal back in September after losing 50 pounds (13 pounds from January 2021-June 2021 / 37 pounds with Shibboleth from June 2021-September 2021) and have maintained that weight for seven months now. Pictures - the first is from Easter 2021 and the second is from Easter 2022. The third picture is from Easter 2020 and the fourth picture is from Easter weekend 2022.