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I signed up for Shibboleth on Feb 28 2019.  I did the Cliff note version of picking recipes and going through the motions of following parts of the program.  I didn't "have time" to watch all those videos and really learn the program.  I lost a few pounds along the way but would soon put it back on.  What I found to be consistent were all the folks who were committed to the plan posting their impressive weight loss.


Finally, early in 2021, I made a promise to myself to watch Fast Track and take the tests and learn as much as my head could hold.  I didn't make a lot of "noise" about my commitment to eat healthily and lose weight because I have spent most of my life "dieting", losing and gaining the same weight.  I felt that the world looked at me and thought "here she goes again. Wonder how long it will last this time."  I started the program on March 15 2021 at 265 lbs even though it had been more and I set a goal to lose 90 lbs. The calculated target date was Jan 2022 to meet that goal.  Even though I have not met that goal, I am close enough to see it in my near future.


Today, 365 days from my start date, I am down 83 lbs and am still striving for the 90 lb loss....and more.  I found that after Thanksgiving and Christmas I got lazy.  I was still eating Shibby-approved meals but wasn't as disciplined with portion control and water consumption so my weight loss stalled.  I have gone through some major life changes the end of 2021 but am getting settled into my new normal (job and home) and ready to get these last pounds off.  I want this super long post to encourage someone who can relate to my struggles with my weight. 


 If I can have success at 67 years old with this program, so can you!  Make yourself important enough to take the time for your health. Reach out to this group for encouragement, meal suggestions, and prayers!   The resources on the site are amazing!   Remember that if you fall down 7 times, pick yourself up 8!  


The picture on the left was taken Mar 14 2021 and the right taken today.

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