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If you are reading this you are probably trying to lose weight, have lost weight or are at your goal weight and trying to maintain.  If you are doing something about your weight problem, and yes it is a problem, you probably feel better about yourself than you have in a while.  


Certainly you got started because you weren’t feeling great and you wanted to feel great.  If you are living the Shibboleth lifestyle things are looking up.  I have no doubt about that at all!  


So, smart people, let me ask you this question.  You felt bad before making progress on this journey and now you are making progress on this journey.  Now, you feel great.  At a minimum, you feel much better.  So then why would you ever quit doing what is making you feel better?  I mean it’s getting better each and every moment of every day?  


95% of dieters who lose weight quit what they were doing to lose the weight.  This 95% also put all of their weight back on and their body fat% goes up.  Therefore only 5% of people who were making progress or hit their goal and were feeling great make a decision to continue feeling great!  


Summary:  95% of people making progress on their weight loss journey and who were feeling great made the decision to quit doing what made them feel great and opted for more pain, discontentment, and feeling bad.  Only 5% decided that they loved feeling great and wanted to continue feeling great.  


95% of the people opted for instant gratification, over indulgence and momentary self pleasure with a side item of a lifetime of pain, mediocrity and self loathing.  


5% opted to delay gratification and to exercise daily self discipline that allows for a lifetime of health, wellness and self confidence.  


Do you see where I am going with this?


“The pain of daily self discipline weighs ounces.  The pain of regret weighs a ton.”


Diets do not work.  Lifetsyles do work.  When you take positive action to address your problems you feel better.  You have a couple of choices?  1) You can stay where you are.  You can keep eating without healthy boundaries that you are willing to live with and to stick with.  You can continue to feel bad about yourself.  2) You can take action.  You can live within the boundaries of your chosen lifestyle.  Six holidays/month while in weight loss mode.  Twelve holidays/month while in maintenance mode.  All of the other days in a given month must be perfect.  You can feel great.


Feel great?  Feel bad?  It’s up to you.


In brotherly love, 





PS ~ Watch the daily doses, take the test, pass the test and earn the badge.  Schedule a mentoring appointment if you need direction, support and help.  








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