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In order to see the number on the scales SHRINK you have to see something else RISE or you are just needlessly and endlessly suffering from the DIET mentality.  


You have to RISE above self limiting bad habits and you have to RISE above self limiting beliefs.  You have to RISE above adversity, problems, and circumstances that are holding you back.  You may even have to RISE above the people in your life that are holding you back. 


Until you can RISE above these bad habits and these other self limiting obstacles you are destined to feel frustration, regret and guilt.  


RISE.  How do you RISE?  


R ~ Repent ~ Repentance is a big deal, yet is nothing more than acting upon a commitment to change directions.  In order to reverse years of bad habits and conditioning you will need to do an about face and change direction.  Those old BAD HABITS and those folks that want to hold you back will have the gravitational pull of a BLACK HOLE in the beginning, but if you keep moving forward the allure of your old bad habits and other circumstances that hold you back will begin to minimize.  


I ~ Inspiration ~ You must remain inspired at all times.  What is your WHY?  Your WHY, your reason for doing this should inspire you.  You aren’t DEAD.  Stop acting like it.  Establish goals and deadlines.  Your goals should FIRE you up.  Inspiration comes from within. So, each day you have to clear the outside noise and focus on your goals if you want to remain inspired.  Look beyond to the bright days ahead if you persist.  


S ~ Supernatural  ~ In order to RISE you have to understand that you aren’t in this alone.  You are not warring against flesh and blood only.  You are warring against a supernatural prince of lies whose aim is to destroy you.  His sinister plan involves presenting stumbling blocks each time you try and make progress.  I have good news too!  You aren’t in this alone.  You aren’t going up against the devil alone.  You have me and you have the Shibboleth family to help support you.  Most importantly, you have the Holy Spirit.  You have the one True and Living God who will help you RISE.  HE is the WONDERFUL COUNSELOR and will assist you with SUPERNATURAL help if your heart is right.  HE will help you change the way you think about yourself and how you think about food, if you are determined to walk in step with HIM.  Yes, HE has regenerative and RESURRECTION power.  


E ~ Enthusiasm ~ The GOOD and the GODLY remain enthusiastic even during setbacks.  The word Enthusiasm means SPIRIT.  You have to give yourself a PEP RALLY every day.  You must encourage yourself in the LORD many times each day.  You must cheer lead yourself before temptation, during temptation, and after temptation.  Enthusiasm is essential if you will adopt a healthy lifestyle and then maintain your new lifestyle for life.  



I know you can RISE up above your weight problem.  I know you can because I did it.  What one person can do another can do too.  Remember to watch those daily doses, take the test, pass the test and earn the badge if you haven’t.   On Planet Shibboleth it is a fact that those that engage with the educational content and meal plans on the website lose more than two times the weight of those who do not engage with the educational content.  Journal.  You need to journal online.  Please just do it.  Always, BLESSTHENAMEOFTHELORD.  HE and HE alone will be the secret to your success.  


Please share our membership drive with everyone.  To keep this ministry going we have to get it in front of people who need help.  Please share this incredible membership drive deal by sending people to www.shibbolethministry.com  


We love you and appreciate you!  


Warm Regards,


Travis Martin



PS ~ If you need help schedule your mentoring appointment here www.mentor.genbook.com  


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