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When the blind follow the blind they both wind up in the ditch. 

Weight loss is not all about calorie counting. Just seen someone tell someone else that they can eat whatever they want to eat as long as they count their calories. They went on to summarize Shibboleth is not the way to good health. 

So this means you can exclusively eat sugar, starch, and bad fats as long as you watch those calories. Yes, you might lose a little weight with this approach, but you are fighting an uphill battle. Eating a 100 calorie twinkly and writing down the points is still going to send your blood sugar through the roof and have your pancreas secreting insulin like crazy. 

1) Appetite goes up
2) Fat storage takes place
3) Fat burning stops
4) You destroy your mitochondria.  
5) Your body produces more bad cholesterol 
6) Chronic inflammation
7) Auto immune disease
8) Feeds cancer 
9) Diabetes
10) On and on and on and on

Calories need to come from whole foods and balanced correctly on a portion plate whether you count calories or not. 

Proteins, Carbs, Good Fats

Furthermore, protein is essential for everyone whether they have kidney disease or not. Certainly, the by products of proteins are hard on someone with kidney disease but that is easily remedied with a little customization of a balanced meal plan. 

Wish I had been invited into that conversation! A life could be saved.

On second thought, I am the one fighting an uphill battle. 

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