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After my text message this morning many subscribers replied asking for more details about my hemp flake island plan. BTW, if you would like to subscribe text MAYDAY to 31996. I do this often as a type of fast. The Bible says make no provision for the flesh. When you weaken fleshly appetites your spirit grows stronger. This means the fruit of the SPIRIT will abound more in your life. Love, Joy, Peace, Self Discipline, Faith and more. I always drop weight easily when doing this 3 or more days. So here are some quick details.

I choose one of the following as a meal. 2 Organic Eggs, 2-6 Ounces Wild Caught Fish, or 1 3 Ounce Can of Tuna in Water, 2-6 Ounces Grilled, or Organic Canned Chicken, 2-6 Ounces Pork Tender Loin, 1/2 Cup of Scrambled Egg Whites, 2 Cups of Salad Greens with 3 TBSP of Hemp Flakes; Use Light Italian, WF Calorie Free or MCT Catalina, 1/2 up to 1 cup Pintos and/or Black Beans, 1 Package AHS Fettuccine or Mac and Cheese I prepare these in water, PAM, or Zero Drag MCT Oil

(Only one of the above.  Not two of the above.  The idea is to have one source of protein only with the hemp flakes as a meal)

 I season appropriately according to my taste I add 1-3 TBSP of Hemp Flakes. Raw or cook with the meat. Ex. I add the Hemp Flakes to my fish as I pan sear it in Zero Drag MCT Oil. I eat nothing else for that meal pretending that I am on an Island and that these items are all that are available to me. I eat 2 meals and intermittent fast between the 2 meals. If I feel extremely hungry with a lot of time remaining before bed time I have a third meal. I drink 1 gallon of water. I take a Zero Drag Weight Loss Stack and supplement according to my goals. Approved Tea, Coffee, and Ocean Spray Diet with Bragg's ACV is allowed. You are on an island so this is all thats allowed and you do this consecutive days as many as you feel led too. I make sure I take Zero Drag Vitamins Plus Pro at a minimum along with my Juice Plus. While the ZD weight loss stacks aren't necessary the nutritional support from a vitamin is. In my experience this yields the following rough results. 3 days - Up to 10 pounds 7 days - Up to 15 pounds 30 days - Up to 30 pounds. Check with your Physician before doing this. Its right for me but may not be right for you. By having the hemp flakes added to the lean protein sources you are getting in all of your macros. In my opinion, it's healthy but mentally can get you if you aren't excited and don't keep your eyes on the prize. Hemp Hearts can be substituted. If substituting then you should use 1-2 tbsp instead of 1-3 tbsp. The Hemp Flakes will work slightly better for your purpose with this. Hope this helps. Make sure you journal. In His love, Travis Hemp Flakes Link: http://www.myshibboleth.com/shop/product/hemp-protein-flakes/

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