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Alisa and Kim Obermeyer

Oct. 31, 2016 | Travis Martin

This is the kind of awesome story that puts wind in my sails. God's people helping one another. We are the household of faith and if we don't help one another then folks that need help won't get the help and encouragement they need. Thanks for sharing Shibboleth but more ...

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Love London Broil

Oct. 22, 2016 | Travis Martin

London Broil is one of my favorite ingredients on Planet Shibboleth. It's very very lean and one of the few red meats that is lean enough to have a category 3 vegetable with. I either buy Top Round or get the Boar's Head London Broil from the deli. Try this ...

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Hemp Flake Island

Oct. 21, 2016 | Travis Martin

After my text message this morning many subscribers replied asking for more details about my hemp flake island plan. BTW, if you would like to subscribe text MAYDAY to 31996. I do this often as a type of fast. The Bible says make no provision for the flesh. When you ...

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Get busy living

Sept. 29, 2016 | Travis Martin

I've been working on my vessel for many years. The work nor the journey is even close to complete. Time to set sail yet again. Leaps of faith, forgiveness, and love fuel the work. I'm reminded of movie lines from one of my favorite movies........ "Get busy living or get ...

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Hoe your row. We won't leave you.

Sept. 20, 2016 | Travis Martin

Hoe your row. I learned what this meant from my mama. I am a mamas boy and I am proud of it. My mama wasn’t a religious woman until later in life, but she has been a spiritual woman all of her life. I remember that about my youth and ...

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Blind leading the blind

Sept. 19, 2016 | Travis Martin

When the blind follow the blind they both wind up in the ditch. Weight loss is not all about calorie counting. Just seen someone tell someone else that they can eat whatever they want to eat as long as they count their calories. They went on to summarize Shibboleth is ...

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Jesus the Lion has prevailed

Sept. 13, 2016 | Travis Martin

If this BLOG encouraged you please share on facebook and if others need help ask them to Text MAYDAY to 31996 to subscribe to this BLOG and other encoruagements. Thank you for being part of this ministry. Dear Shibboleth friend, If you really want to make changes in the way ...

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Sept. 8, 2016 | Travis Martin

In order to see the number on the scales SHRINK you have to see something else RISE or you are just needlessly and endlessly suffering from the DIET mentality. You have to RISE above self limiting bad habits and you have to RISE above self limiting beliefs. You have to ...

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Feel great or don't feel great?

Sept. 7, 2016 | Travis Martin

9/7/2016 If you are reading this you are probably trying to lose weight, have lost weight or are at your goal weight and trying to maintain. If you are doing something about your weight problem, and yes it is a problem, you probably feel better about yourself than you have ...

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Are you talking or acting?

Aug. 22, 2016 | Travis Martin

You say you want to lose weight, but your actions indicate something a little different. Someone just told me that they are praying about losing weight. Praying about what? Stop praying and get up off your butt. Fix this. The Bible said to cast all of your care upon Him, ...

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