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For membership inquiries and more information, please reach out to our overseer, Travis Martin, at travisjack777@gmail.com.

Membership Features 1 Year Tiger
Membership Cost $57.00

Average Cost Per Day to Get Your Life Back!

Renews Automatically
14 Fast Track Series Video Lessons
At least 2 Live Webinars per week with a Coach
Self-Guide your way through simple tasks that you can check off as you complete them to ensure success
Simple Fast Track Fat Burning Foods and Recipes to Choose From
Eat Anywhere with our Restaurant Guide to Fat Burning Meals
Online Journaling & Journal Checking by our Mentors
Create Simple, Customized Meals with our Meal Plan Generator
Unlimited One-on-One Coaching by our Mentors
Online Food Library with more than 5,000 Approved Grocery Items
Online Recipe Library with more than 2,000 Fat Burning Recipes
Virtual Grocery Store Tour to Help You Shop for Approved Foods
Printable, Digital Books (Program Guide, Recipes, Motivational Letters, Kids Coloring Book, and more)
Exercise Suggestions for the Beginner or Advanced Enthusiast
Challenges & Wall Breakers to Help You Reach Your Goal
Earn Badges and T-Shirts as You Reach YOUR Goals
Robust, Private Community of Members Offering Support and Guidance to One Another
GOLD LEVEL - Advanced Classes with Methods to Lose Weight Up To 3 Times Faster
GOLD LEVEL - Live Webinars with Exercise Teaching You to Preserve, Build and Reconstitute Muscle
GOLD LEVEL - "Coach Mode" Eat with a Timer and from Specified Food Lists to Reach your Goal Even Faster
GOLD LEVEL - Intermittent Fasting Methods to Achieve your Wellness Goals
GOLD LEVEL - "Battle Buddy" Challenge your Friends and Race to Your Individual Goals
TIGER LEVEL - Attend Live Webinars Led by our Founder, Travis Martin
TIGER LEVEL - Dig Deeper to Develop "super-hero" Levels of Discipline, Drive & Dedication
TIGER LEVEL - Life Lessons, Breaking Food Addiction
TIGER LEVEL - Learn How to Heal Every Cell in Your Body with these Methods
TIGER LEVEL - Join 3 Day Lockdown Challenges Led by Travis Martin