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Main Dish
Turkey Wrap

Rating: 4.8


  • 1 50 calorie category 2 tortilla
  • 2-6 oz category 1 deli turkey


Any approved turkey and any approved tortilla or wrap can make an approved turkey wrap but not all wraps will have the same effect on weight loss. To make a -3 WLM turkey wrap, start with a -3 tortilla like Ole Xtreme Wellness or La Tortilla 50 calorie tortilla and use a category 1 turkey. We recommend Boar's Head. You can add all the category 2 vegetables you'd like as well as 0 calorie condiments. Using caloried condiments or tortillas without a -3 WLM will change the WLM for this meal slightly. There are always good, better, and best options so make your choices based on your goals. *