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Posted Jan. 9, 2020, 9:32 p.m.

James Bowen Jimmyb

Hi there I am a struggling Christian who is not sure what to do with the place I in with everything I have been through in the last six years not working and living on a limited budget my faith is not been ever the best I Can't even imagine what is going to happen I try to read the bible and pray I don't feel like there is anything of change so just gave up and I quit smoking and started drinking and eating every thing si I would like some people to pray for me and help me get some understanding of how to understand the bible and how to pray that I will know that some things are happening in my life thanks for your help and advice and time

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We are having Prayer Furnace on Mon nights at Liberty SQ but you can get powerful prayer on Wed nites or Sunday also! Get in the WORD, chose LIFE, GODS WAY OF LIFE, or choose DEATH, THE WORLDS WAY OF LIFE! YOUR CHOICE!!!


My church, Dwelling Place in Woodstock GA has classes on Thursday nights. It’s called Growth Phases. It is LIFE CHANGING. They also offer it online if that is too far to travel.