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Posted July 25, 2020, 11:54 a.m.

Bonnie West Bonniewest58@yahoo.com

I need prayers of encouragement! On this journey for my health and have lost 34 lbs but I am stuck and seems like nothing I do helps but I keep on. I’ve looked at the challenges and don’t find any that I feel works for me. I’m diabetic, have RA and trying to postpone knee replacement till this horrible Covid 19 is past. Also lots of food allergies so my choices are somewhat limited. I ate out last Sunday, just a salad, no dressing, with grilled shrimp & gained 1 1/2 lbs! Have it back off but nothing more this week.

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you are praying for this person...


With the help of god, tell yourself that you are about to see weight loss on the scale any day now, it worked for me. I was doing everything right but the scale was not showing any improvement. I heard a voice in thought form that said wait a few days and I will see the change.


hI Bonnie, I want to recommend today's Shibby Show, Created to be... I think it would encourage you.


You can do it Bonnie. I know you can. Don't get too blown out by the number on the scale. Just be patient you're worth it. I have food allergies too. I understand.