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Posted Oct. 1, 2020, 1:13 p.m.

Kathy Sloce Ksloce

Join me in praying for our country and our President. This is such crucial time and we are one election away from socialism. God is in control and nothing catches HIM off guard. That comforts me - I have never seen the righteous forsaken or His seed begging for bread.

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you are praying for this person...

I agree! We need to pray the Daniel Prayer for our nation!!

I agree we REALLY need to be praying!


I did not mean to put question marks in my prayer above. I used praying hands icon, but it showed up as question marks.


Praying for our President and our country ????????. I just saw that Hope Hicks now tested positive for Covid and traveled on Airforce One with President Trump on Tuesday. Lord, please keep our country free and bless us please peace and prosperity so that we can be a blessing to many.???????? Choose who you will to lead our country and we will follow you, always.???????? Have mercy on us for my sins and the sins of America, and help us elect people who will do your will.???????? Amen


Thank you K. This needs a lot of prayer. I'm glad to join you in praying for the country. Linda