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Posted Oct. 12, 2020, 11:05 a.m.

Bethany Gray bethg6026

Please pray for my family. My husband was laid off work a couple of weeks ago, and this has been very hard for us. He is having a lot of difficulty getting through to Unemployment to get his claim approved, and although I work, my pay is not sufficient enough to cover everything. We just bought a house about six months ago, and we are afraid we may lose what we have worked so hard for. Please pray specifically that Unemployment will get the ball rolling, and also pray that his job will call him back soon. They stated that they may call back after the first of the year if production picks up. Also pray for me because I am a stress eater, and this is really difficult for me. I want to eat everything in site right now. I know God will provide because he always has, but it is all very scary right now. My worry and anxiety are through the roof.

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Thank you for your prayers! They called my husband to come to work and he goes back on Monday! Faith can move mountains. Thanks so very much.