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Posted June 11, 2021, 10:38 a.m.

Jim Wright drjshibboleth

Shared with permission: Please pray for Shibboleth member Jennifer Quinn. She is struggling with blood pressure issues resulting in fainting spells. Pray for wisdom for her doctor as she reviews her medications.

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Y'all I went to the Doctors Office Today and She Lowered all of my Diabetic Meds and I am so Happy about that, she wants me to come back in to see her in one month to re-see me and go over lowering my blood pressure meds and hopefully other meds I am on, I am so Thankful, I Appreciate Y'all so much for praying for me, please continue to do so, greatly appreciated!!! πŸ’• God Bless!!!

Jena, I am so happy the doctor made the changes to your mediation. Isn't it wonderful how your body responds when you eat correctly. So proud of your progress.

Thank you so much Brother Jim for posting this for me when I was not able to, I am starting to feel some better, I called my Doctor yesterday and I have a appointment to go in Monday morning for her to check me out and see what she may do for me with my meds, I pray that she starts lowering my meds because I really don't think I need as much if any meds anymore since I have lost 52.7 Lbs. since March 1, 2021, I am walking everyday now and that helps with leveling out my numbers out and I am feeling so energetic now to do more activities and I am so Thankful to the Good Lord...Appreciate all of you praying for me...& Please continue to, I will post an update when I get one from my Doc...y'all all have a good weekend!!! πŸ’–