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Posted Oct. 11, 2021, 8:23 a.m.

Dana Jones DanaJo6787

I am caring for my aging parents who live at our place now. (Just retired after 62 years pastoring). My husband, a weekend pastor, is needing to change his day job to be able to better minister. A couple of my children are needing strength to keep focusing on Jesus and what He's called each of them to do...... My request is, that I may keep my eyes on Jesus and have His love and His joy. I find myself wearing with my attention being drawn so many ways. Pray that I may be willing to just be His vessel.....and not try to keep up with everything on my own....doing what I can and not accept the shame of those things I seem not to be able to keep up with. I am part of the Surrender group, and learning to also surrender fears, tiredness, weakness. I just need that strength that can only come through the joy of the Lord.

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