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Posted Jan. 6, 2022, 6 p.m.

Teri Decker Flitter

I NEED HELP! I cannot get motivated and cannot stay focused or disciplined for even one day. Please pray I will find the motivation I need. I am a Christian. Thank you.

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Girlfriend, I know where you are. I was there back in October of 2020. i want you to write three words on a piece of paper and post them somewhere you can see them. DESIRE DEVOTION and DISCIPLINE. Establish a strong WHY you want to do this and then go into it headstrong and get it done. I lost 107 pounds and I promise you, if I can do it, you can too. Join Patty's Shibboleth Friends and I will help guide you to all the tools you need to be successful. Let's get started!

Father God blessed be your name. Thank you for allowing your daughter to open up and be transparent enough to allow help and guidance in. Father I ask you give her new eyes and a new mind as we walk in this journey together. Give us strength to endure the struggles and temptations the world throws at us. Help us to remain in your shadow as we go into this new unknow season in our life. Help us to do as you have called us and take care of our body and mind, as you would have us to do. And we will be careful to give you all the praise with our lives, All Glory and honor be in the holy name of Jesus Christ-Amen