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Posted March 22, 2022, 3:38 p.m.

Liz Neal

my niece Jennifer had brain cancer as a toddler. The radiation they gave her has caused her to have multiple tumors over the years. She has 20-30 brain tumors. She has had so many removed through surgeries and gamma knife. She had an 8 lb tumor on her ovaries removed. Now she is full of tumors and gall stones and has lost 50 lbs and is very thin because of tumor blocking her stomach and colon; They are planning on removing her gall bladder, part colon, tumors in abdomen and uterus. She is only 38. We need miracles. I also need to lose close to 100 lbs. I have just started today on Shiboleth. I do not have a thyroid - had thyroid cancer 3 years ago. Lost my job, my church, my prayer partner and my best friend in august and just feel lost and frustrated.

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Praying for you both. God sees you.