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Posted May 19, 2022, 11:36 p.m.

Kimberly frew

Could you please pray for me I lost my dad last June and lost my mom three shirt weeks later in July. I gained all kinds of weight secluded my self from everyone .my Dr had put me on a med that people come home from the war in shock on .and I only took it a Little while but I really need this life style and shibboleth family . To keep me from navigating my self to being all aalone again I'm starting to take weight off and I'm so glad . But I find it hard to stay focused because my mind goes hack to my parents so much I'm trying very hard though I can't stay focused for very long for our things we are to do on our fast track and profile and food report of in take Ireally do want and need this though if you can please forgive Me for my mind drifting back to where I lose focus I' promise you I am trying I can't hardly sleep though and when I finally do fall asleep during morning I sleep for at least couple hrs . Then I wake up and pray I didn't miss a meeting a live please pray for Me to get stronger with each day and night so I can stay focused and do better and sleep patterns back so i can get back to being focused thank you so much I miss my parents so very much they were my best friends . We were very close I am losing weight though before I got on here a month before I was 209 I'm now 172 and very proud of my wanting to have a new life style with you all and especially our lord

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praying for you as I know the feelings your having. June last year I lost my dear Husband Bud and I have tried to stay focused and have failed yet again. I am not sure when things will be ok for either of us. All I do is bible studys and doing what I can for others and focusing on ridding the saddness I too have. Unless someone has had loss like us they can't know the pain. I have lost so many close family I feel isolated and hate the thought of going anywhere alone anymore.


Praying for you, Friend. You've got this....and God has you. Trust Him to carry you through all of this.