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Posted May 21, 2022, 9:21 p.m.

Joe Hite grizzly007

Hey most of you know....I lost my momma, and 2 of her sisters ( within 2 weeks time)'s been 8 months....momma had DEMENTIA... I AM GRIEVING myself to death....I act okay in public....but in private. I'm MISERABLE, I truly DON'T want to live...( but I have too)...I talk to her picture constantly, just moved from the place where she passed away....I have NOBODY to talk too, my family seems to avoid it....I really have no friends to do things with....or even talk to about it....I went to GRIEF SHARE for several weeks, didn't help...please pray for me!!!!!!!!!!

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you are praying for this person...


PrAying for you. I lost my 93 year old dad May 11 to covid pneumonia. We will see them again.✝️

I am praying for you - please try to get into a grief counseling group at a local church - it can help!

I'm praying for you I two lost my mother last July 3 short weeks after my dad and it's truly the hardest thing I've ever experienced. I feel so empty without them so I some what know what your going through . If you need to talk I'm here for you dear your shibboleth friend in the lord. I'm Jesus loves you and so do all of us take care God bless


Sending prayers you way. Lean into The Lord, Friend. He is The Friend that sticks closer than a brother. Talk to Him....He cares about what you're going through.