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Posted June 17, 2022, 9:56 a.m.

Darla Bennsky MsDarla

Monday the 27th I am having major oral surgery. The past few weeks I have listened to almost every daily live session with Travis. I guess I know, whats coming up that I haven't totally dove into Shibboleth. I am truly listening for the Christian side of the messages. They are awesome! My husband is onboard to lose weight, but he says "fix it, I will eat it", then snacks between 7:30-9. Which I go upstairs and stay away from the kitchen. I was 11.9 a1c on 3/10/22 and 6/1 I was 6.6 3 meds, but I totally thank Shibboleth. I use a Libre 2 and I can see when I eat good food, the reaction to my blood sugar two hours later. Shibboleth works! Come on 7/1 for the Journey to begin hard core!!!! Thank you Travis and Sasha for listening to the Holy Spirit!

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