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Posted March 28, 2023, 11:30 p.m.

my health is at a crossroads, A1C is over 8, my kidneys are being affected, fatty liver, 130 pounds overweight, thyroid issues; doc wants to put me on insulin in 6 weeks if my A1C doesn't fall below 8 by restarting this SHIBBOLETH lifestyle. I saw it work before but I fell off. Pray for me, my husband's health is similiar and so is our 13 year old son's. We need a Miracle, and a miracle of truly being consistent and following the plan! in Jesus Name! Grateful for your prayers! God Bless, thank you!

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You can do this. One time my A1C was 10, fatty liver, diabetes etc. Now I have a A1C below 7, less meds and 55 down. We can do this and we will get better.


I'm praying!