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Posted May 22, 2023, 6:06 a.m.

If anyone is up this morning, my son goes into court for a final custody hearing of our two granddaughters whose mother passed away Dec. 2021 from cancer. They have been in the middle of a custody war ever since. Her (moms) parent wants them both and a bio wants the oldest after being absent her entire life. It has been heart breaking to see them split apart for the last 6 months as the courts decide how they will do apart and what’s best for them. Please please pray for everyone this morning. We are standing on Mark 11:23/24 Thank you

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I am just joining so just reading this post. I pray things are working out for your granddaughters and that you will always be a part of their lives. My sweet granddaughter is spending a couple of weeks with me and we are having a blast. Everybody needs to experience an 11 year old granddaughter!!!