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Posted July 27, 2023, 1:18 a.m.

Please pray for me to get back my motivation. I lost 100# in 2019. Made some poor decisions after a year on program. I skipped most holidays bc I wanted to lose weight fast. So when Christmas and New Year's came, I thought I would take those 2 weeks and then get back on schedule. Well I took those 2 weeks, then some more, a little more. Then COVID came. I'm a nurse, so I figured I was going to get it and die anyway, so might as well eat what I want and die happy. I know that's wrong thinking. I don't know what happened!? I had done so good! It was so easy! I just can't get back to where I'm ready to start! I'll think, let me fit in one more sweet, or dessert before I start. Then, I'm eating a whole pack or dessert. It's just a slippery slope, and it's been killing me for years! I work remotely due to physical problems. It's great! It's been a blessing in so many ways! But, it has hurt my stamina. I'm weaker than ever and hurting more! It's ridiculous! I don't understand what's going on in my mind and body to keep me in this shape, in so much pain to be embarrassing myself in public. Please pray for me. For whatever is going on in my mind or body to move out of the way! For me to just start! One meal! Just one meal, and then work up. I've got to do this, or I'm going to be one of the youngest people in a nursing home and definitely suicidal at that point. Please pray that I can wake up, and get out of this fog!

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I have been sick with a nasty sinus thingy. The medication alone challenged my very core of trying to stay on track. I used alot of fasting to help me keep in my Shibby plan and it is working. I am also very gentle with myself knowing that illness is temporary. I, too, went thru a divorce a few years back. I was put on oxygen to live thru it. I pray for you that God gives you the faith and desire of self love. It all begins with one meal. Much love!

I completely understand. I had lost almost 75 pounds and was feeling great - then I found out my husband was cheating on me! I am an emotional eater and I have gained back all the weight I had lost. My divorce was final in April but due to financial reasons as well as a senior in high dchool - we are still living in the same house. I'm doing my best to find another house and to sell the one we are in but it is tough. I started back on the program yesterday and praying to stay faithful so I can get healthy. I'll pray for you!

I feel this so much. I did something similar - lost 55 # in 2019, then COVID came and I ate my way up, gained 30 more # than I started at. We can do it; we must have faith in ourselves and in God. I'm starting fresh, again. When I have my first craving and that hunger kicks in, I'm going to take 5 minutes to pray about it. I bet after 5 minutes the craving will pass.

I will be praying for you. God is watching over you. You can do this!!!


Thank you! I was beginning to think nobody was even here. Lol

I have been going thru a sweet thing too. And I asked for help, to find me a strong WHY, because it’s so easy to give in. So starting again with the Why, praying for you to take one day at a time, to have faith that God is there , accept his helping hand, i takes faith in hope to produce a decision .