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Travis Presents "Why Shibboleth" His Story

About this video...

Why Shibboleth?

00:01 Opening
00:14 Why Shibboleth?
00:54 Lifestyle vs Diet
02:00 Travis' Story
03:39 Football Experience
07:11 Diagnosed with High Blood Pressure
08:32 15 y/o with High Blood Pressure Medication
09:19 Premature Death
11:14 First Date
13:50 Problems due to his diet
14:58 300lbs pounds weight
17:05 Doctor's Visit
18:41 Shibboleth's Power
21:41 Start to do the right thing
23:01 The Fat Bus (Insulin)
22:57 White Bread
24:53 Insulin the Fat Bus
25:56 Food and Combination
26:45 Changed Identity
27:10 Losing weight Changes Who you are
28:57 The Shibboleth's Advantage
29:30 Holidays and Blow it Days
29:45 Following The Shibboleth Shield
30:44 Closing


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Lanette Hamill
lhamill March 2, 15:29:02

Terry Dione
TerryDione Feb. 27, 21:29:28
Great message!

Tammy Lambright
Tlight Feb. 27, 18:56:38
Got it

Suzanne Collister
Suzcol Feb. 12, 11:24:43
Thank you all

Linda Gay
Lindagay Feb. 8, 16:26:31
I was having a hard time yesterday. It was third day. I was so hungry..I felt like I needed to eat everything in the house. The things I did est were approved foods, but i didnt write anything down nor did I eat the right things together. I do know I ate from cat. 1 &2 and one thing from 4. I just feel like I did so bad...today as well. But I don't feel as hungry today. I am very much a Christian and love my Lord with all my heart and soul...i feel like I'm struggling . I feel like I don't have enough time in my day to absorb all i need to know...besides i weighed today....the scales are the same. I did keto 6 weeks before Thanksgiving last year, lost 12 lbs. I have not been back on since Thanksgiving of last year and I have kept the 12 lbs off so far...Now I'm trying to reteach myself the Shibboleth lifestyle. I guess it is harder than what I thought it would be...please pray for me to focus on what I need to. And prioritize the things I need to...we have a life study group of 12 to 15 adults every week, I do a jail ministrie 2 times a month, plus we are getting our house ready to put on the market and do a bible study with some family a a friend...so Pray ....I know God will help me...and my crazy hunger pains....before I would never be hungry...maybe eat once or twice a day.....I need more confidence....many blessings to you....Linda Gay, Blairsville, Georgia